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The Crazy Bear

18 Aug

I know I haven’t posted in a while and I am afraid the only deplorable defence I have to offer, is that I have been incredibly busy recently.

Its rare that I have a social life that matches the intensity of work, but currently, my life is divided between working my butt off five days a week, and using the weekend to see my favourite people ūüôā Oh yeah and sleeping, I do a lot of sleeping as well.

If you work in an office with me (god help you) or happen to be friends with me (equal sympathy for those poor souls) then I will have been driving you all crazy with my excitement at the visit to the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield, which  is truly one of the most unique and opulent restaurants/hotels I have ever visited.

Happy 30th Adam!

Happy 30th Adam!

My uncle was turning 30 and has a certain taste and flair for experiencing life’s events with style, so he invited the now countryside located branch of his family down to London with the rest to celebrate.

The weekend before the meal, my nan and I were walking around Queensgate agonising over what on earth we would wear. Doing our homework, I checked out the Crazy Bear website to get a feel for the place, and my immediate impression was that I would fit about as well in that setting as a Skittle in a bag of Malteasers.

My uncle and friends in the Moroccan waiting room

My uncle and friends in the Moroccan waiting room

Initially, nan and I had shrieked with laughter at the mirrored ceilings in the hotel rooms (kinky), at the ¬£200 caviar on the menu as an appetiser and the clay pigeon shooting, whilst at the same time awing over the general prettiness and luxury of the place (I make us sound like the Beverly Hill Billies, but we’re not I promise).

The Crazy Bear is certainly luxurious

The Crazy Bear is certainly luxurious

However, faced with the prospect of arriving and being turned away at the door, we suddenly became motivated to do some shopping.

I settled on an Oasis dress (literally the most expensive dress I have ever bought myself, I love designer but my bank account only accommodates the more homely and down to earth of dress sense).

Pleased with the general appearance of the dress on me as I’ll ever be when standing next to my stunning and modelesque like cousins, I found a bag that matched thanks to the suggestion of Jenna, and was feeling much more prepared.

Sunday morning and I was standing in front of my mirror giving myself the last look over, making sure I hadn’t tucked my dress into my knickers or left bread or tinfoil in my hair again (yeah you laugh but it does happen) and surveying my appearance with a sense of acceptance and general satisfaction, I got in the car to pick my grandparents up.

We had only been on the road for less than half an hour before the usual Steph Bristow calamity took place. At the time it seemed fine that I had selected a wrap dress with a button securing the top half. However in hindsight, I should have taken into account the normal disaster variables that tend to surround any choices I make, however small they may be. The button securing the top half of my dress had broken, leaving me incredibly exposed. I’m insecure about my appearance at the best of times, but the idea of essentially continuously flashing 25 dinner guests, giving them a prime view of my bra, I think is a lot for any girl to handle. Particularly when half of them are family members and the other half complete and utter strangers.

Cursing a great deal in my head, and desperately trying to fool myself with the illusion that the button on my dress was still functioning, I tried everything I could to pull it together and keep it that way. But without that button, essentially it was like going out in only a skirt. However, let no one say that I am not inventive in a crisis, taking out my earrings I pinned my dress back together and after a few attempts managed to get them to hold. Moving anything other than minimally and with incredible caution was going to be dodgy…but I decided at that point in the car that it was best to address that issue later for my own sanity.

I may not have looked the part but I enjoyed the Crazy Bear all the same

I may not have looked the part but I enjoyed the Crazy Bear all the same

So we arrived, and despite the dress debacle I was still fairly excited to be there. The entrance was strangely hidden adding to the allure, mystery and exclusivity of the place. Stepping in it was like a different world, a handsome man in a suit was playing a piano, the marble floors, chandeliers and lush purple curtains elicited thrills from the snob that apparently lies inside me.

Even the bathrooms are an experience! Its mega dark and mirrored in there!

Even the bathrooms are an experience! Its mega dark and mirrored in there!

My nan and mother however had more pressing issues than just admiring the surroundings, mainly, where were the facilities. Pointed in the direction of a staircase that would have looked at home in a grand ballroom, the three of us made our way down the twisting stairs only to find ourselves met with a dead end and four mirrored walls. Thinking we were obviously in the wrong place we checked and no, apparently somewhere down the staircase were the bathrooms. Reaching our hands out against the mirrors, my nan began to feel her way to the bathroom, finding a mirror that gave way we charged into the dimly lit (and I mean it was bloody dark in there) bathroom (also covered ceiling, floor to walls in bloody mirrors) that was when nan charged straight into a man and began shrieking. In the end I found a mirrored door hidden behind a purple curtain that turned out to be the ladies ( so obvious really) and after we found the actual cubicles (again covered in mirrors) we had a great time experimenting with the falling water from the ceiling, that ran into ornamental bowls.

The Staircase

The Staircase

Laughing ourselves stupid, we joined the rest of the party and then made our way past more luxurious surroundings to the ‘library’ themed room, where our private party would be eating. It was lovely, we had our own private waiter, and the meal was marred only by the fact that I had to keep getting up to re-adjust/re-fix my dress every time I lent forward to reach my wine glass. Despite the fact that my body movements were limited from the neck down, I still managed to enjoy myself.

I have to admit that even though I have visited some luxurious hotels, restaurants, countries and places in my time, I can still occasionally feel fairly uncomfortable in expensive settings.

I think its because I always feel as if someone is going to find me lacking some required quality, tell me I’m not good enough and kick me out. I’m definitely the original ‘she must have climbed under the fence to get in’ girl.

The library was a beautiful setting

The library was a beautiful setting

But I did enjoy myself, seeing my family is always fun and the Crazy Bear is both a beautiful hotel and restaurant. I would recommend going just for the experience, it is a wondrous place ūüôā I have included the website here in case anyone does fancy doing something a bit different and would like to go. As long as you are sensible, the menu and drink aren’t too expensive either.

If you do go though, take a fashion tip from the wise…don’t wear a wrap dress you’ll only regret it…and if you do, make sure you have your sowing kit handy!


A lavender themed dessert

A lavender themed dessert


Lets get spiritual

31 May

So I’ve been pretty busy recently and with myself and so many others often running around like headless chickens its often that we neglect many aspects of our¬†well-being, including our spiritual side! But last Sunday my friend Megan and I got back in touch with our spiritual aspect, by attending a¬†psychic¬†fair at the Hilton Hotel in Reading.

So I made the journey down to Reading to spend the weekend with Megan and attend her annual Eurovision party (which was a massive success, despite the fact that Britain was a massive flop and came second to last) we did a lot of voting, drinking, dancing and enthusiastic flag waving, before we all crashed into bed Megan suggested a psychic fair for the Sunday. Before I had to attempt the long arduous journey back through London, in the surprising heat wave occurring over the weekend.

After the hangovers were nursed and we had all¬†perked¬†up a bit, I was treated to a ride in Toms very nice new Mazda (or as Megan calls it his mid-life crisis car) as he generously offered to drive us to the fair. I didn’t really know what to expect, I have to say my love of the spiritual and¬†other¬†worldly doesn’t venture far beyond incense, horoscopes and the occasional tarot reading, but I ended up pleasantly surprised with the wealth of different ways to explore spirituality that were on offer.

There was a lot going on…

I watched a woman have her aura cleansed, and although I looked on sceptically, the woman who had paid to have it done seemed to be really enjoying the session and was incredibly relaxed, despite the fact that all she was having done was someone waving their arms over her head. Still perhaps there was something deeper going on that I was missing, but I personally think that sometimes you can want something to be true so badly, that your mind conjures up the correct response from your body to prove it worked. Megan¬†had¬†her chakra read, and we both felt sceptical towards the generalisations the ‘reader’ was making, which could apply to Megan, myself or any of the other people¬†attending¬†the fair. But it was interesting to listen to the concept of chakra’s and the different ways you can attend to them.

We did a¬†circuit¬†of the stalls and as I expected there were quite a few people dressed like they were still living in the sixties, all tie-dye and ponchos however there were also a lot of down to earth people who were just curious about what the fair had to offer. Personally I wished I had a bigger budget to spend as they had some stunning¬†individual¬†looking¬†jewellery and precious stones, as well as some heavenly smelling lotions. I bought myself some incense called ‘fortune’ hoping that it would perhaps live up to its namesake and be generous enough to bring some into my life. Megan being the budding chef of the two of us (my cooking ability being limited to cheese on toast) was¬†immediately¬†drawn to the food spices section and bought a chilli jam, then we both splurged on a mystery fortune bag.

My fortune bag

In our bags we both got two fortune cards with beautiful illustrations, a bracelet made of a semi precious stone and a semi precious stone.

In my mystery bag of fortune I found an¬†amethyst¬†stone ¬†which is meant to be about power, healing and protection. My bracelet was¬†pretty¬†and made of garnets which is apparently meant to help with¬†business¬†success,¬†fostering¬†friendship¬†and protection on long journeys.My cards were of patience, one saying ‘Your patience will be rewarded, its worth waiting for’ and the other ‘I accomplish anything I put my mind to.’ Basically one card saying my gift of¬†patience¬†will be rewarded and the other saying ¬†that I can achieve. I quite like the idea that I left it up to fate to decide what bag I chose, and it gave me one that hopefully indicates a nice future ahead for me,¬†particularly¬†since I have a few job interviews coming up! I hope those cards are right!

Whether you believe in things like fate and fortune or you think it’s a load of rubbish, it’s always good to be open to new ideas and¬†concepts and explore them, I know a lot of people who have no spirituality what so ever, which of course is their decision. However, in my case I love the idea that¬†there’s¬†something more to life than chance, and that there may be signs given to us from the universe guiding us through our lives towards our future, whatever it happens to hold.

Welcome to the best exotic marigold hotel!

15 Mar

My new phone contract is the gift that keeps on giving, as now I have another excuse to spend my time in the cinemas thanks to Orange Wednesdays, for the first time in my life yesterday I sent off my text to Orange awaiting with anticipation the magic code that would allow me to get two for one cinema tickets!  And what better way to use that two for one offer than seeing the surprise hit of the box office, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Take a journey to exotic India!

Sitting down in our seats my friends commented that we were the only people under forty in the room, which made me slightly nervous as to my choice, and whether I would be receiving some severe ribbing if this all went disastrously wrong, but that worry soon faded when the film had us all laughing only three minutes in.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel takes us on a journey with seven british retirees who for different financial reasons are unable to afford to retire in Britain, and decide on spending the rest of their twilight years abroad in exotic and more affordable India. Newly widowed Evelyn (Judi Dench), recent high court judge Graham (Tom Wilkinson), aging Lothario Norman (Ronald Pickup), man hunter Madge (Celia Imrie) , married couple Jean and Douglas (Penelope Wilton and Bill Nighly), and bitter racist Muriel (Maggie Smith) are lured by the advertisements of a beautiful new refurbished hotel and luxury lifestyle. However on arrival they find that so many things were not quite as advertised, the hotel is dilapidated, the facilities almost non-existent and the food a spicy change from their usual cuisine.

Sonny (Dev Patel)¬†, the young¬†well-meaning optimistic dreamer, is the manager of the hotel. Excited by his first real paying guests, armed only with enthusiasm determined to make the hotel and his dreams of ‘outsourcing retirement’ a success, fights a losing battle struggling to balance his financially¬†challenged hotel, grumpy guests and controlling mother. Each member of the group makes their own discoveries as they all clumsily settle into their new lives in India,¬†finding themselves again in a way they never could in Britain.

This is a film that will definitely make it to my DVD collection when it is released, the acting was brilliant, particularly Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighly and Maggie Smith. If you ever have any questions on why these actors are considered of the highest calibre, watch this film, it really showcases their comedic talent. Dev Patel had me laughing out loud, he played his role as the optimistic dreamer very well, his line ‘everything will be all right in the end, if it’s not alright…then its not the end’ not only made me giggle but also made a lot of sense, and spoke to the optimist in me. I may be referring back to that quote in the future when times get hard!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel drew me in and had me emotionally involved, I found myself rooting for the characters and getting into the spirit of the film. Part of this films magic is how it captures you, makes you think about your own life and where you’ll be in the future. Personally I hope I have at least half of the adventurous spirit that the characters in this film had, when I reach their age!

I don’t usually give ratings in my film reviews, as unless a film is truly terrible I find it hard to sum up¬†each films individual¬†qualities and reduce and¬†place them¬†into a generalist stat, as each film is different and has something to offer. But I shall conform this once and give it nine out of ten, the only reason it lacked the ‘ten out of ten’ rating was because in the middle it dragged slightly, but that is certainly forgivable when you take into account¬†how good the film is in its¬†entirety.

So pay a visit to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and open yourself up to an exotic adventure in India that you’ll never forget!

The woman in black

17 Feb

This is the film I’ve been waiting for. Ever since the trailer burst on to our tv screens oh so many months ago, I knew I had to see it, my school girl crush on Daniel Radcliffe non withstanding, the trailer brought back memories of happy times spent in my old A level drama class, going to see the production with my friends, studying the play, analysing it to death and even writing about it¬†in my exams!

His talent isn't limited to Harry Potter ūüôā

The fact that I knew exactly what to expect with this film because of my previous study did nothing to ruin the experience for me, I spent the whole day getting in the ‘paranormal’ mood by watching re-runs of ‘Most Haunted’ and ‘Ghosthunters’ and my favourite horror movie companion Kelly spent the lead up reading horror stories. Both of us feeling sufficiently terrified before we’d even sat in our seats I promised not to¬†punch when I¬†jumped (it’s a thing I do) and she promised not to scream out loud, with this agreement in place we were ready to go!¬†

There are some slight differences between the¬†original and the film, but the main storyline is this…

Young Edwardian lawyer Arther Kipps still grieving for his wife lost to a difficult childbirth, is forced by his law firm to go to remote Eel Marsh House,  and handle the estate of deceased Alice Drablow. Leaving his young four-year old son Joseph in the care of his nanny, with only the promise of a reunion in the nearby village after the work is completed, to look forward to. But the seemingly simple task of organising the estate is not as simple as it seems, on arrival Kipps is greeted with hostility and fear, desperate to complete his task and be reunited with his son, Kipps ignores the warnings from the locals and enters Eel Marsh House  finding much more than he bargained for.

I wondered if the film would live up to the hype or fall¬†short of expectations,¬†but I have to say it deserves its reputation, from the off set an atmosphere was created,¬†by the bleak grey colouring of the scenery and costumes¬†as well as the¬†tragic forlorn expressions constantly clouding the lovely Daniels face. Lots of reviewers said they found this to be the scariest film they’d ever seen and I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I have to agree. I was clinging on to Kelly for dear life with one hand, and with the other peering through my fingers, even the unflappable horror film veteran Kelly found herself becoming jumpy with a racing heart.

I think the most surprising element of this film¬†was the certificate rating! 12A? What were they thinking? I would not take anyone under 15 to go see this, they’d be traumatized! I can’t help but think that this¬†low certificate¬†rating was to allow the younger Daniel Radcliffe¬†fans the chance to spend their money seeing this film. This aside The Woman in Black is a fantastic horror/thriller that takes its audience to the brink of terror and back again, every moment is carefully crafted to create suspense and fear, plenty of talent was on¬†display, the child performances were particularly¬†chilling and Ciaran Hinds did a wonderful job playing the¬†wealthy sceptic landowner, forced to face the terrifying truth.

So if like me you have a fascination with the paranormal, enjoy being scared witless and are crushing over the gorgeous Daniel Radcliffe then go see The Woman in Black, and allow yourself to be taken on a twisted journey with a dramatic conclusion.

Arctic Chills: A mushing adventure

16 Feb

For 2012 one of my many resolutions is to experience new things, so when I got the opportunity to go and mush with some very cute furry huskies, it seemed like the perfect way to start my new years resolution, and a great way to spend a day!

On the way down to Gloucestershire (where the track and team were based) I can’t deny that the nerves began to kick in, I had visions of myself whizzing around the countryside clinging on for dear life, to a rig with a team of dogs that weren’t stopping for anything. The memory of when my brother put on roller blades, hooked himself up to my own husky Koda¬†and ended up throwing himself into a bush to get Koda to stop, was now fresh in my mind. One thing that incident taught me, other than never hook your brother up to your dog with no means of braking and no helmet, is that huskies love to run, and a silly little¬†thing like a human being attached to them, won’t stop them if they want to go.¬†

The Track

Arriving at the track I was greeted by freezing cold conditions (looked like I was going to get the full mushers experience!) and also Vickie, who introduced me to the team of six¬†dogs I would be working with Dashka, Mckinneley, Willow, Minx, Koda¬†(yes they had a¬†Koda¬†as well!)¬†and Nanuk. Spending a lovely half an hour getting to know the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen, it was time to get down to work. I learnt how to harness the dogs up to the rig, and the commands I needed for the team to understand me, as well as how to work with the dogs safely.

Vickie suggested I started myself off slow, only working one dog and building myself up to working a team, looking at the long stretch of track ahead of me with quite a few dips and hills along the way, I found myself  nodding vigorously in agreement, starting off slowly was fine with me! Hooking up Willow to the rig, it seemed she was far more ready and excited about this than I was, barking and howling impatiently, the other dogs joining in, howling in anticipation for their turn to go on a run.

I lifted my steadying foot off the ground, and before I had even finished calling ‘hike’ Willow was already breaking into a sprint, my first thought was ‘sod me this is fast’ with my stomach doing a few flips as we hit some holes in the ground, however after the first minute, the terror subsided and I really began to enjoy myself. It was absolutely exhilarating, racing along the countryside past the lake with Willow yelping noisily in excitement,surprising myself I remembered the commands for left and right (‘haw’ and ‘gee’) and the technique of using my body to turn the rig so it didn’t flip over when taking a corner, heading around Willow must have sensed we were heading back to the beginning and really picked up the pace (turns out she was holding out on me, this was a whole new gear of speed). I got completely¬†caught up in¬†Willow’s enjoyment and enthusiasm and forgot about my fear of¬†tipping the rig, and found myself urging her on, when we reached the end of the track and came to a halt I found myself disappointed it was over, but with a huge grin on my face. Vickie later told me that Willow is her fastest dog (she kept that quiet!)

The lovely Willow! My ginger twin!

We all stopped for a break and had soup around a campfire, the dogs at our feet looking hopeful for any leftovers, however they were left disappointed, Vickie loves her dogs but is very strict about them begging and getting treats, a far cry from my own very spoilt dogs at home!

After a rest we got back to the task at hand and this time Vickie asked me if I would mind working Koda¬†and Mckinneley, her least seasoned dogs, as it was important for them to gain experience of someone other than her working them, quelling my rising nerves I agreed and clipped them to the rig. It wasn’t the smoothest start, for the first few minutes¬†Mckinneley¬†was running off to the side distracted and Koda¬†was making me nervous as she was running, but looking at me as opposed to straight ahead in the direction we were going. But soon instinct took over and both dogs began to run like a dream, the difference

Getting up close and personal

between one dog pulling and two was all too apparent when¬†Koda¬†and Mckinneley¬†put their minds to it, and we were racing along at break neck speed, to the point where when we approached the downward slope I was tugging on the brakes and yelling ‘steady’ as much as my voice would allow.

It felt a lot faster than it looks

It was one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences of my life, right up there with swimming with the dolphins and standing on the cliffs of Xcarat¬†in Mexico. I would recommend it to anyone who loves animals and has an open mind to try something new, however I’ll warn potential¬†candidates for this experience¬†you may be surprised at how addictive the thrill is, I’m already looking up resorts abroad in Norway, Switzerland ect that offer the same sort of experience, as I would love to try it again, hopefully next time in the snow.

On the way home I stopped at a service station to use the facilities and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, covered in mud, hair looking uncontrollably bushy and wild (this is where my nickname¬†Mufasa starts to¬†makes sense) basically looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge. Not my most glamorous¬†look by far, and although I received quite a few stares from fellow travellers I didn’t care so much, the other remnant of the day, my¬†grin, was still there.

Beautiful dogs but they're a tough bunch as well!


The husky team!


Confessions from the underground

3 Feb

I love channel 4 for many reasons, they have the¬†Simpson’s, My big fat gypsy wedding, Hollyoaks and Jon Snow. However their series of documentaries on controversial topics is¬†definitely¬†the largest reason for that love, I’ve spent many evenings with my flat mate Rachel glued to the television, having a bit of a lively debate on our¬†differing¬†views (me and Rach are a bit of a personality contrast, but that’s what keeps our friendship so interesting!)

So when I saw the programme ‘Confessions¬†from the underground’ advertised there was no question that I was sitting down to watch it, as someone who has had a fair bit of experience doing the commute to London and¬†tackling¬†the tubes, I found this a¬†fascinating¬†programme from the viewpoint of people working behind the scenes on one of the oldest yet busiest subway systems in the world.

If you’ve gone on the tubes before, and I’m sure you have at some point, then like me you may have felt some apprehension for the first few journeys. I’ll never forget the first tips my dad (a hardened London commuter veteran) gave me when I started commuting. Never stand in the first row behind the yellow lines, try to stand behind two people who are shoulder to shoulder so they create a barrier if you get pushed, keep one foot forward as a form of balance and stability in case you do get someone who¬†deliberately¬†pushes you (yes apparently that happens) and try not to wear anything that has dangling bits which could get caught between doors.¬†

I watched interviews with staff who genuinely cared about the safety of commuters, tourists and other travellers using the underground, and created a compelling picture of an old and lagging system pushed to the limit by cuts, with underground staff barely holding the¬†pieces¬†together. One woman¬†described¬†the system as ‘running on ¬†luck’ whilst another young man spoke out about how the drive to make the underground faster and efficient has led to severe breaches in public safety and was ‘killing with cuts.’ They raised interesting points and opinions on how London would cope with an influx of visitors for the 2012¬†Olympics, giving an¬†insight¬†into what I already imagined was a thankless job, describing some of the¬†treatment¬†and tasks they have to¬†perform¬†its a wonder they turn up to work at all.

With a great amount of¬†in-depth¬†research and ¬†interviews on a system that a large¬†majority of¬†the¬†country¬†depends on yet takes for granted, this was an amazing programme narrated by one of the all time greats Richard Wilson. Watching this you can’t help but compare our¬†subway¬†system to¬†other¬†countries¬†like Japan, Russia, France and China ¬†and wonder why Britain wastes money on so many pointless¬†endeavours, when it could be¬†spending¬†it¬†constructively¬†on¬†updating¬†a system that’s very much in need and in constant use.

Thought provoking and insightful, if you haven’t seen it, make sure you do!

10 songs

27 Jan

My love of making strange and pointless lists as well as another current blogging trend, have led me to make a list of the ten songs I love and why. This is just a bit of fun that has no actual purpose, but mind you we could make the same comment in regards to most of the societies entertainment pursuits. So here they are….my ten songs.

Everyone loves music!

1. The Corrs- Summer Sunshine

The most cheerful song I have ever encountered that never fails to have me bouncing and laughing down the street like some bizzare lunatic on day release. Obviously a great time to listen to it is in the summer, however if you are like me and have never followed convention (for example I often listen to Christmas songs in March) then its worth listening to in the Winter, it always reminds me that the damp greyness is on its way out and summer is on the way in!

2. The Proclaimers- I’m on my way

I listen to music a lot,¬†particularly¬†when I’m stressed and need a bit of escapism or some motivation. This song was played a lot throughout my time at uni when I was swamped with multiple deadlines because it kept me motivated to keep on trudging through, its steady beat, lovely¬†Scottish¬†accents and lyrics reminds you that you have to keep on moving on to the next thing.

3. ¬†Sonny J- Can’t stop moving

Keeping with the theme of motivation and moving, this is the song to listen to! Whenever I listen to it, it just injects me with energy and enthusiasm for whatever I happen to be doing at the time.

4. Elvis Costello- She

Personally I think this is the most beautiful romantic love song of all time. You may have seen it in Notting Hill? Well the lyrics are beautiful and I don’t think¬†there’s¬†a girl alive who¬†wouldn’t want the kind of love that Elvis sings about. It literally defines the way love should be! Well for me anyway!

5. Noisettes- Wild Young Hearts 

This song is one of my favourites that is great to just walk along the street to when your feeling a bit depressed, it always puts a spring in my step and I think has a kind of bitter-sweetness to it that reflects life.

6. Pixie Lott- Broken Arrow

An amazing song to listen to if you’ve ever had a rough break up or bad past relationship that is affecting your future, I think a lot of people could relate to at least some of the elements within this song. It’s a bit different from the music Pixie usually produces, sort of darker but that’s what I like about it. Have a listen, you’ll relate.

7. Lonestar- Amazed 

Another amazing love song that I’ll never stop listening to, just like ‘She’ it really defines love for me. I adore the whole country aspect of the song, if this song fails to move you then you have to be a robot! It’s no wonder that so many couples choose this particular song for their weddings, instant romance for 4¬†minutes!

8. Sarah Mclachlan- Full of Grace

I think of this song as a real undiscovered gem, that is so full of emotion, I listened to it a lot in my ‘black eyeliner emo’ phase (hasn’t everyone been through that phase at¬†some point?) Its beautiful, full of angst, pain and hope, not one to listen to if you want cheering up but great for reflecting and communicating feelings. It’s not¬†everyone’s¬†cup of tea, but it always meant a lot to me personally, growing up through my teen years

9. Evanescence- Call me when your sober, Hello (in fact all their songs)

I know I’m only meant to choose one song, but all of Evanescence’s songs are amazing! I’ve spent a lot of my years growing up singing them at the top of my voice, whilst my mum would bang on the ceiling. Amy Lee has such a powerful hypnotic voice and sings with a lot of passion. If you’ve never had a listen to Evanescence then you’ve really missed out.

10. Michael Buble – Save the last dance for me (in fact again pretty much all of his songs)

You can’t have a list of favourite songs without Michael Buble, one of the sexiest singers alive that also has a wonderful stage presence. Save the last dance is a favourite of mine, whenever I hear it I just want to get up and throw myself around the room in what I call dancing, and others have yet to find a name for.

So there they are, a pointless list of the ten songs always reoccurring on my Ipod ‘most played’ list, feeling a bit bored? (As I was when this was written?) Have a listen and see if you’ve discovered a new favourite! Or why not make a list of your own, you’ll be surprised how the music you listen to reflects the person you are. (God knows what these songs indicate about me then!)

Happy listening!

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