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The line, the list and the middle aged lunatic

14 Jun

I was standing in a rather aggressive line for the cash point juggling a drink, notebook, handbag and shopping, whilst having a conversation regarding the theft of Tesco’s plastic carrier bags forced upon me by the security guard on his fag break in the rain, you know the usual. Then suddenly it hit me, as these things often do when you find yourself acting out the mundane routines of life.

I am twenty six, its 2016, I have a wrinkle on my forehead which I have actually received a recommendation for, I’ve never had a spray tan or learnt to walk in heels, and I haven’t written a blog post since February 2015. Of course these momentous life epiphanies were also accompanied by a now strong feeling to campaign tirelessly for some form of carrier bag security tags, but that’s a personal challenge that Colin (the security guard) and I must face alone.

So with these realisations, some very frizzy hair and the determination to get rid of that god awful ‘redhead-angel’ email address attributed to my name and not reach twenty seven without some serious life goals under my belt, I have decided to revive the blog and of course with it, the ever infamous wish list!

I can almost hear the groans of my bewildered colleagues, as along with this blog post I prepare a list of things I want to do by the time I’m twenty eight (I’ve had to give myself until I’m twenty eight as we are like halfway through the year and my birthday is next April, with a full time insanely busy job we need to be realistic, I am going to have fit this in as and where I can).

I did create a list a few years ago placing it on my cupboard and with the help of my friends, the best boss this side of the UK and quite frankly the coolest and most understanding colleagues ever (one of my tasks last time was to hug a tree, they could have had me committed if they wanted to) I managed to complete the majority of it, and had some fairly hilarious stories and fun ticking them off one by one.

The whole idea was inspired by my ‘quarter life crisis’ but at twenty six I think we are way beyond that now. I like to think of this more as my way of ensuring that I enjoy my late twenties to the fullest! It won’t all be ‘go to Barbados’ and ‘kiss Gerard Butler’ although maybe it should. A lot of it will be those little things that I never got round to trying, or was too afraid to push myself to go for, and maybe kissing Gerard Butler will also feature if I can find a way to track him down…you could cut glass on his abs!

I’ll be putting the list up at work first to get to grips with how I’m going to achieve some of these tasks, and then following that will be posting it on here with maybe even one or two ticked off (I’m feeling  ambitious)!

I’ll try and post some updates as I go, let you know how I’m cracking on and maybe you might be inspired to get going on some of your own bucket list items. (Please join my craziness; it makes me a lot less conspicuous).

So twenty eight wishes by the time I’m twenty eight, with only sheer will power to spur me on and the acceptance of inevitable public humiliation, what could possibly go wrong?


*Side note* My blog needs some serious updating as I am no longer the twenty three year old graduate that started this blog in uni so some of my details may be a bit out of date, that includes the weird fringe I had going  on in the majority of my pictures, thats gone now thank god. I’ll be updating as and when I can but in the meantime stick around, who knows you may grow to like it here.

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