Drama Queen

13 Aug

I found myself inspired recently to clear out a very over stuffed cupboard the other day, due to the fact that there was a bit of an avalanche, and I was almost concussed by a falling box, still whilst almost being knocked unconscious I rediscovered some of my old theatre programmes from various shows. I studied drama for four years at GCSE and A Level, I even considered studying drama at university, but more sensible heads prevailed. (I’m really not that fantastic an actress!) Even though I don’t study drama any more, it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it! And so I have tried to keep up my attendance at the theatre. The last show I went to see was with the lovely Kelly last August, we made the trip to London to go see Love Never Dies (my second time seeing it! I love the Phantom!)

A few of my theatre programmes, I really must have a look for the rest…I just don’t want to be knocked unconscious again!

Anyway here they are, my collection of theatre programmes, I should really get to the theatre more! As you can see, most of them are musicals, but I also love non musical theatre, I’ve seen ‘The  Woman in Black’ ‘Equus’ and ‘His Dark Materials’ ‘A Dolls House’, Three sisters’ by Stanislavsky (all in Russian by the way…requires concentration) and even the unusual ‘Waiting for Godot.’

I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to go see so many great productions!

I’ve always loved how the theatre is a creative way of sharing ideas, thoughts, a story. And how it can take you to places you never thought you would go, cliché I know, but in the theatre you are an active participant in the production, the actors use you (the audience) to bounce off of, create an atmosphere, or sometimes in the case of productions not using the Stanislavsky’s four walls technique, verbalise and physicalize participation. Each show is unique, because an actor will never be able to give that exact same performance again. So in essence your seeing something new, unique and fresh! However many times you go see a production, you will be viewing something special, something one off that was shared directly with you. As I once wrote in a theatre studies essay so very many years ago…’theatre is something special shared between a group of strangers, bringing them together for a short amount of time.’

So I suppose this is me, sharing something I love with you all, and hoping to impart some of the enjoyment and love theatre has given me! I also encourage you to share something you love with me! Send or post me a link, or write about something you care about and ask me to read it! Everyone should be open minded to new things, loves, and experiences, that’s how we grow as people, and what keeps life interesting.

Myself and Kelly with our tickets! 🙂


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