In the pink

7 Aug

In my ‘by the time I’m twenty three’ post, I made a list of a few of the things I wanted to achieve and do before I got to the depressing mid twenties stage of my life, I was going to wait till we got closer to April to write a recap post, and I wont write it now, as its only been four months! So I haven’t quite had enough time to do all the things on my list, although I am pleased to say that at least I have a few things on my list ticked off already! Which leads me to the whole point of this post! I am finally in the pink at last! Yes….road users beware…I took my driving test on the 24th of July, and much to the surprise of myself (and a little bit insultingly…my friends and family) I managed to pass first time!

Excuse the terrible quality of the picture, I have a horrific camera! But you get the point! In the pink at last!

I didn’t think I would be as nervous as I was, particularly because I had already resigned myself to paying out for second, third and fourth tests, unless they got rid of roundabouts and outlawed parallel parking, but it seemed fate was in my favour, drivers on the roundabouts behaved, and as luck would have it, I got the reverse around the left corner manoeuvre, which happens to be my speciality. (My only speciality!)

I was sweating it, quite literally, as there happened to be a heat wave sweeping across the UK at the time, and in the hour lesson before my test, my nerves fell to pieces, not having been helped by my family, whose advice as I left was ‘don’t worry about failing, everyone fails first time, Peterborough has a terrible pass rate, you’ll just have to take it again that’s all.’ With that helpful titbit firmly stored away in my mind for later reference, no wonder I was freaking out. Parking the car, Bonita (my instructor) and I stepped into the test centre, and I felt everyone’s eyes upon me, and I instantly regretted my wardrobe choice of a maxi dress and flip-flops, when everyone else was clearly more prepared than I was, and dressed in sensible clothes and driving shoes. Then my examiner called out my name, and suddenly I felt like a child back at school again. My examiner took me to the car and asked me two questions about the cars mechanics…my mind went completely blank…panic set in, she was staring at me like I was meant to know these things…well suffice to say that was two minors before I had even left the test centre, and that I will never be one of those women who you will find changing her own tire on the side of the motorway. Chasing a runaway tire down the motorway…maybe.

Despite my terrible start, the test was going quite well…then I came to my old nemesis, the large four lane roundabout by Hampton (if you live in the same area…you’ll know) the amount of times I have done something to make Bonita shriek on that roundabout, doesn’t even stand counting! And right on cue…in a panic to get off the bleeding thing as quick as possible…I stalled. Babbling apologies like an idiot I quickly restarted, and it was at that point I was convinced I had failed my test.

We pulled back into the test centre, and I steeled myself to hear the ‘you’ve failed’ and ‘seriously mate you’d be better off investing in a bus pass’ speech from my examiner, but to my surprise I got a ‘congratulations’ instead. I gave a very high-pitched squeal, probably confirming my examiners impression of me being a complete raving lunatic, and that was it! All those months of endless lessons, and it was all summed up in one quick moment!

Then last Friday I finally got my pink license, hideous photograph and all! (What possessed me to use my passport photo when I applied for my provisional license, I will never know!)

Of course a big thank you to my friends, who were so sweet sending me good luck and good wishes, and were the first to congratulate me, where would I be without you all!

So I now join my friends in the pink license club! Finally! Now I just need to start the arduous task of actually saving for a car and insurance. So fingers crossed for a lottery win, or it could be after Christmas before I make it on to the road. (So some good news for fellow drivers at least lol)


6 Responses to “In the pink”

  1. Alex Jones August 7, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    Time starts speeding up as you grow older, blink and you are old.

    • StephBristow August 7, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

      I can certainly believe that! I still can’t quite get my head round the fact I’m twenty two, which is why I want to try and make the most of the time I’ve got, and do the best with what I’ve been given. However sometimes its very easy to lose sight of that ideal! Life! x x x

      • Alex Jones August 7, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

        Good luck, live life rather than just exist.

  2. meganchapple August 8, 2012 at 7:01 am #

    Well done Steph. Driving tests are the worst. I just couldn’t keep cool on mine but when you’ve been driving for a few months everyday you wonder what you were so scared of. I’ll be expecting a drive from you sometime soon….mwhaha

  3. missbee5 August 13, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    Haha I took my test on the 26th And passed first time too. Was so hot that week !

    • StephBristow August 13, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

      lol Congrats! Seems like that was a good week for learners all over the place! It was a scorcher, but I prefer to the usual depressing crap UK weather lol x x

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