Thank you for the love…inspiring blog and one lovely blog award

31 May

I’m a big fan of the old adages and ‘when it rains it pours’ seems to be appropriate for this month because….wow….I have received another two blog awards. This time I have been awarded the ‘One lovely blog’ and ‘Inspiring blog’ titles.

Very flattering

Thank you very much!

As I said before in my ‘Its going to be a bright sunshiny day’ post its very flattering that people enjoy reading what you’ve written and spend their time commenting or liking posts. I’ve had a lot of people like various posts in the past and I’ve never got round to commenting back saying thank you. So honestly a big thank you to anyone who likes any of my posts, your all sweethearts and it ….

1. makes me really happy and 2. introduces me to other people’s blogs and all the wonderful different subjects they choose to blog about.

And of course a big thank you to Miss Chapple, blogger extraordinaire for nominating me, really everyone if you haven’t read her blog then where have you been!?

There really are so many different talents out there that deserve a lot of recognition! So….as it was with the ‘Sunshine award’ there are a set of instructions with these awards. Apparently I have to reveal seven things about myself and provide names of fifteen people who I admire.

Seven things

1. I am a quarter Irish

2. I randomly burst into song whether in the shower or at a shopping centre

3. I really can’t walk in high heels and have been known to topple poor unsuspecting friends along with me to the floor

4. I’ve gone to the shops in my pyjamas

5. I’ve had people mistake me for a twelve-year-old at twenty-two

6. I’ve rescued a lot of stray animals and feed all the strays I can on holiday (much to my friends horror)

7. I was raised a publican child and have been behind bars nattering away to punters since I was born (means I’ve seen a lot or random stuff!)

The Fifteen

1. of course)
















One Response to “Thank you for the love…inspiring blog and one lovely blog award”

  1. meganchapple May 31, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    Thank you for nominating The Chilli Pad as well

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