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Thank you for the love…inspiring blog and one lovely blog award

31 May

I’m a big fan of the old adages and ‘when it rains it pours’ seems to be appropriate for this month because….wow….I have received another two blog awards. This time I have been awarded the ‘One lovely blog’ and ‘Inspiring blog’ titles.

Very flattering

Thank you very much!

As I said before in my ‘Its going to be a bright sunshiny day’ post its very flattering that people enjoy reading what you’ve written and spend their time commenting or liking posts. I’ve had a lot of people like various posts in the past and I’ve never got round to commenting back saying thank you. So honestly a big thank you to anyone who likes any of my posts, your all sweethearts and it ….

1. makes me really happy and 2. introduces me to other people’s blogs and all the wonderful different subjects they choose to blog about.

And of course a big thank you to Miss Chapple, blogger extraordinaire for nominating me, really everyone if you haven’t read her blog then where have you been!?

There really are so many different talents out there that deserve a lot of recognition! So….as it was with the ‘Sunshine award’ there are a set of instructions with these awards. Apparently I have to reveal seven things about myself and provide names of fifteen people who I admire.

Seven things

1. I am a quarter Irish

2. I randomly burst into song whether in the shower or at a shopping centre

3. I really can’t walk in high heels and have been known to topple poor unsuspecting friends along with me to the floor

4. I’ve gone to the shops in my pyjamas

5. I’ve had people mistake me for a twelve-year-old at twenty-two

6. I’ve rescued a lot of stray animals and feed all the strays I can on holiday (much to my friends horror)

7. I was raised a publican child and have been behind bars nattering away to punters since I was born (means I’ve seen a lot or random stuff!)

The Fifteen

1. of course)
















Lets get spiritual

31 May

So I’ve been pretty busy recently and with myself and so many others often running around like headless chickens its often that we neglect many aspects of our well-being, including our spiritual side! But last Sunday my friend Megan and I got back in touch with our spiritual aspect, by attending a psychic fair at the Hilton Hotel in Reading.

So I made the journey down to Reading to spend the weekend with Megan and attend her annual Eurovision party (which was a massive success, despite the fact that Britain was a massive flop and came second to last) we did a lot of voting, drinking, dancing and enthusiastic flag waving, before we all crashed into bed Megan suggested a psychic fair for the Sunday. Before I had to attempt the long arduous journey back through London, in the surprising heat wave occurring over the weekend.

After the hangovers were nursed and we had all perked up a bit, I was treated to a ride in Toms very nice new Mazda (or as Megan calls it his mid-life crisis car) as he generously offered to drive us to the fair. I didn’t really know what to expect, I have to say my love of the spiritual and other worldly doesn’t venture far beyond incense, horoscopes and the occasional tarot reading, but I ended up pleasantly surprised with the wealth of different ways to explore spirituality that were on offer.

There was a lot going on…

I watched a woman have her aura cleansed, and although I looked on sceptically, the woman who had paid to have it done seemed to be really enjoying the session and was incredibly relaxed, despite the fact that all she was having done was someone waving their arms over her head. Still perhaps there was something deeper going on that I was missing, but I personally think that sometimes you can want something to be true so badly, that your mind conjures up the correct response from your body to prove it worked. Megan had her chakra read, and we both felt sceptical towards the generalisations the ‘reader’ was making, which could apply to Megan, myself or any of the other people attending the fair. But it was interesting to listen to the concept of chakra’s and the different ways you can attend to them.

We did a circuit of the stalls and as I expected there were quite a few people dressed like they were still living in the sixties, all tie-dye and ponchos however there were also a lot of down to earth people who were just curious about what the fair had to offer. Personally I wished I had a bigger budget to spend as they had some stunning individual looking jewellery and precious stones, as well as some heavenly smelling lotions. I bought myself some incense called ‘fortune’ hoping that it would perhaps live up to its namesake and be generous enough to bring some into my life. Megan being the budding chef of the two of us (my cooking ability being limited to cheese on toast) was immediately drawn to the food spices section and bought a chilli jam, then we both splurged on a mystery fortune bag.

My fortune bag

In our bags we both got two fortune cards with beautiful illustrations, a bracelet made of a semi precious stone and a semi precious stone.

In my mystery bag of fortune I found an amethyst stone  which is meant to be about power, healing and protection. My bracelet was pretty and made of garnets which is apparently meant to help with business success, fostering friendship and protection on long journeys.My cards were of patience, one saying ‘Your patience will be rewarded, its worth waiting for’ and the other ‘I accomplish anything I put my mind to.’ Basically one card saying my gift of patience will be rewarded and the other saying  that I can achieve. I quite like the idea that I left it up to fate to decide what bag I chose, and it gave me one that hopefully indicates a nice future ahead for me, particularly since I have a few job interviews coming up! I hope those cards are right!

Whether you believe in things like fate and fortune or you think it’s a load of rubbish, it’s always good to be open to new ideas and concepts and explore them, I know a lot of people who have no spirituality what so ever, which of course is their decision. However, in my case I love the idea that there’s something more to life than chance, and that there may be signs given to us from the universe guiding us through our lives towards our future, whatever it happens to hold.

Blame it on the alcohol…the camera…or my face

29 May

Who knows why we manage to keep certain memories from our early childhood and why other memories fail to make it into the filing cabinets of our mind. My earliest memories include jumping off kerbs, my first brother Aaron being born, my Nan and I feeding stray cats on holiday, my dads expression as I handed him a ‘Happy Diwali’ card I made at school, and a mean kid from the primary years laughing at my first school picture.

My relationship with cameras is certainly love/hate

Since that fateful day my relationship with cameras has been strained at best, it’s a love hate relationship (I don’t mind them, but they seem to have a grudge against me, and they’re not letting it go)

After that incident I’ve always been a bit conscious about the way I appear in pictures, not for the first time in my childhood have I been accused of ruining the photograph for some reason or another. I would watch my cousins and brother in envy, their effortless ability to form the most flattering poses and expressions, whilst I stood dumpy and awkward with a smile (if I was bullied into summoning one) that would have looked more at home on a corpse in the stages of rigor mortis.

We didn’t have photoshop back then

Spending a great deal of time avoiding cameras, as soon as one appeared I tended to try to Houdini myself out of the firing line, however I was not always successful and there is a horrifying amount of evidence to show it. The one in the back with the shocking bright red hair clashing with deathly pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, with ill-fitting clothes, the beach ball-shaped face and awkward stocky pose, I stood out like a very sore ugly thumb against my svelte delicate photogenic family. My mum always use to joke I was the milkman’s, and although I am pretty sure she is joking (at least I hope so) the general photogenic gene that runs through all members of my family, on both mum and dads side has not chosen to grace me.

With relatives this photogenic no wonder I have a complex, I don’t look at all like my family!

They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ I’ve always hoped that’s not true, because christ knows what dreadful words could be associated with some of the most heinous offenders lurking in my mothers thick photo albums. I’ve been known to go to any length to get rid of pictures of myself, I’ve stolen pictures from albums, swapped my pictures from frames and even cut myself out of pictures and claimed to have no knowledge of any of it.

It wasn’t until university that I became accustomed and resigned to having my picture taken, it took three years of training myself not to run away from camera moments and stand still with my girlfriends posing. Inwardly groaning the next day I would see multiple pictures of me appear on Facebook ,the girls towering above me looking like the club princesses they were, the kind of images you would expect to see promoting a night out, and then me looking like a barely turned teen age girl who managed to sneak her way in.

Done it again! Its very hard for me to find a picture I like! And this is one of the less embarassing ones

In my later university years I discovered the joy and widely socially accepted excuse for appalling photographs was alcohol and after that there was no stopping me, if someone snickered at a terrible photograph that had made its way into their path despite my best efforts, I would hold my hands up and just say ‘alcohol’ they didn’t need to know that I rarely drink on nights out. ‘Alcohol’ was all they needed to know, and my terrible facial expressions and captured images at terrible angles, became just another funny antic of the night.

I’ve got hundreds of prom, school, family and summer ball photographs that I wish would disappear suddenly in a mysterious fire. None of these I can blame on the alcohol, or the camera, just my unfortunate face!

At least this one I can blame on drink….

However despite all this my step father, who thinks himself a photographer and manages to capture me from every worst possible unflattering angle, tells me this when I begin to complain and threaten to delete his photo library  ‘its not about looking good, it’s about capturing the moment, whatever that happens to be and however you happen to look in it.’

How I generally like to appear in photos

I suppose part of me thinks he’s right, but I still thank the gods that Photoshop has been invented!

Its going to be a bright sunshiny day!

18 May

I’m afraid I’ve neglected my blog recently, a combination of interviews, family and lots of travelling have kept me very busy, so what a lovely surprise when I came back to find that I had been given my very first blog award!

The Sunshine award! A lovely coincidence that my blogs subtitle happens to be ‘everywhere you look… there’s sunshine’

Wow, never in a million years thought I would receive any recognition, especially when I know there are so many fantastic blogs out there! Very flattered that even one person enjoys reading my posts. A very large thank you and love to the wonderful, talented blogging machine that is Megan Chapple, who nominated me and has always been very supportive of me Go check out Megan’s blog because if you haven’t read it you’ve missed out!

With this award comes a set of instructions

° Include the Award’s logo in a post on your blog
° Answer 10 questions about yourself
° Nominate 10 other bloggers
° Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated
° Share the love and link the person who nominated you


1. Favourite colour: Green

2. Favourite animal: Mega hard since I love literally all animals but it would have to be horses (and when I was younger unicorns)

3. Favourite number: 7  (don’t ask me why it just seems lucky)

4. Favourite drink: Creamy toffee cooler (why do Costa’s make it so expensive!)

5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

6. My passion: I am passionate about a lot of things music, theatre, communication, love. But as of yet they all fight for top position, and there’s no decided winner

7. Prefer giving or getting presents: Getting…but not for the reason your probably thinking. I spend ages searching for the perfect presents for people and I dread getting it wrong! And even if I’ve got it right I convince myself that its otherwise and they secretly hate it, but are too polite to say. Which is why I try not to watch people opening their presents from me.

8. My favourite pattern: Flamingos…anything patterned with novelty flamingos or other cute quirky animals.

9. Favourite day of the week: Friday

10: Favourite flower: Passion Flower, Butter Yellow Roses or Trumpet Flower (any one of those would make me happy)

Nominations: I would like to nominate these ten blogs




4. (she hasn’t written for a while, but she is very good 🙂 )



7. (I don’t care if I’m not allowed to nominate the person who nominated me, her blog is fabulous)




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