The Devil Inside

12 Apr

I blame my mother for my bizarre love of movies designed to terrify and cause sleepless nights. While most children were watching cartoons or Disney movies I was watching The Omen, Queen of the Damned and Alien. In fact for a year of my childhood I truly believed that gruesome creatures might attach themselves to my face (explains my distaste for having my face touched) and burst forth from my stomach like I was human pinata (and to be honest I’m not completely convinced they wont now.)

Which is why The Devil Inside was an obvious choice to go see at the cinema, I’m fascinated by anything to do with the genre of the supernatural; and religion, luckily for me I’m not the only one, as I had Stu (movie sceptic) Kelly (fellow horror film lover) and Grant (well happy to see anything really, particularly if it involves tea or monkeys?)

With front row seats I settled myself down for what I imagined was a Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity like movie experience,  and to be honest I’m still not sure if that’s what I actually got.

So the plot focuses on Isabella Rossi a young woman with a tragic family past, making a documentary on exorcism in an attempt to understand what happened when her mothers botched exorcism left three people dead, and her mother sent to a psychiatric hospital in Rome. Isabella and her friend Michael journey to Rome to meet her mother and after a short but turbulent meeting, are convinced there’s more to Isabella’s mothers condition than poor mental health. Attempting to further their understanding of exorcism they attend lecturers at a school of exorcism where they meet disillusioned priests David and Ben, and when the Catholic Church denies Isabella’s request for another evaluation of her mother’s condition they reluctantly agree to help.

Mockumentaries are a genre of film that has exploded over the years, all starting with The Blair Witch, mockumentaries use the filming theory of ‘less is more’ and generally this works, as I find that often things beyond our senses ability scare us the most. This mockumentary follows the same ideal, and although it works I think that this film could have done with more supernatural footage, another problem was that the plot was quite predictable, you would think with a genre like religious supernatural thriller they would have allowed their imaginations to run wild and explored the theme, but the film stuck to a time-honoured traditional exorcism story. However the most disappointing aspect of this film is the ending, the film reached a critical moment and then just stopped. For a minute I thought there had been a technical fault and I was waiting for it to come back on again, I imagine it was meant to be a shocking twist ending the director thought would be clever and would pave the way for the longing of a sequel. All it paved the way for was a perplexed audience, my friends and I were not the only ones leaving the cinema with a sense of confusion, and the feeling of being cheated.

Despite the unfortunate amount of negative aspects this film has, I’m still glad to have seen it and found it fairly interesting and engrossing. I think I went to the cinema with expectations of what this film would be like after watching the trailer and because The Devil Inside didn’t match them I found it lacking. If you’re expecting a ground breaking film on the theme of exorcism and religion then you will leave disappointed but if you’re looking only for a simple horror that you don’t have to give much thought too, that ‘does what it says on the tin’ then this is the one.




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