By the time I’m twenty three….

26 Mar

So…I’m approaching the dreaded age of twenty-two, which I have been feeling a sense of impending doom about for a while now. That time of life where you can no longer be put in the category of the young and restless, but instead can categorize yourself as ‘in your twenties’ which is disturbingly ambiguous to say the least. Not to mention that with the title of ‘in your twenties’ comes a whole host of expectations and responsibilities, not that I’m obverse to being sensible and beginning an adult style of life, mentality ect. But from twenty-two it’s a slippery slope downwards towards the time in life when I will be put in to the category of late twenties, which I am so not ready for. So to try to placate the ‘quarter life crisis’ (as my friends have designated it) I have decided to do what I do best, and make a list, a list of all the things I want to do, achieve, visit ect before I reach twenty-three (god help me!) and then recap in a years time to see how far I’ve got.

I got this idea from a blogging friend, and apparently its a great way to take control of your life, setting clear goals, helping you to make sure that you achieve everything you want to. (I know it sounds all self-help, new agey rubbish but I’ll give anything a go once!) So I encourage you all to make your own lists as well, you might be surprised what ends up on it, see what you can do in a year!

Heres mine!

1. Pass my driving test!

I have been learning to drive for what feels like forever, but in actuality is six months, I may not be able to afford a car in this lifetime but I still cant wait to get my hands on that shiny pink license. My test is at the end of April and hopefully I’ll only need to take it the once! But I am determined that I will have a full driving license by the time I’m twenty-three, so I can claim that I take public transport by choice not necessity.

2. Be in employment, working towards a career

Sort of an obvious addition to my list, by the time I’m twenty-three I want to be in employment in a position connected to my field, frankly I’m tired of doing endless work experience and internships, great for experience and the curriculum vitae but not helpful in working your way up the career ladder, to do that I need to be in paid employment in my field. So a communications/public affairs/PR/ media related position by twenty-three  please! (If I only manage one thing on the list let it be this!)

3. Visit a karaoke bar and sing Ne-yo’s ‘Never knew I needed’

I love karaoke and have been trying to convince my friends to go with me for three years now, the fact that most of my friends are boys doesn’t help so this may be something I drag my girlfriends along to! For my number of choice it would have to be ‘Never knew I needed’ by Ne-yo. I’ve fallen in love with that song. A hilarious experience that requires courage and confidence, so I hope by the time I’m twenty-three I’ve sung my little heart out in a karaoke bar (and also not been booed off stage.) 

When karaoke bars are as cool as this, why wouldn't you want to go?

4. Have another amazing group holiday with my friends

Kos 2010 was the holiday of a lifetime, so by the time I turn twenty-three I hope to go on holiday again with my friends (or at least have a holiday booked) I think we all deserve a bit of a break and in a years time we definitely will!

5. Have my own flat/house/space

If I manage to achieve number two on my list then number five might be achievable as well. I would love to have a place of my own, or rent somewhere with my friends. I enjoyed the independence I experienced at university living with my flatmates, and although I don’t wish to experience drunken four am wake up calls, the smell of weed drifting down from upstairs and the kitchen being trashed on a regular basis (it was only fun the first time round) I do want the enjoyment of living with friends and enjoying some independence again.

6. Visit in the UK

Honestly the amount of places I want to visit most likely require their own list, but these places mentioned are the main ones that I’d liked to have visited by the time I turn the magic twenty-three. Stonehenge- everyone who has been to see it has told me its overrated but I would like to have the opportunity to decide for myself. Hampton Court- I went when I was a child but have virtually no memory of it so its high time I return! The making of Harry Pottor tour- I grew up with Harry Potter book releases marking the summer holidays and the films as a child, so it would be wonderful to see the magic come to life. Tresco Abbey Gardens on Tresco Island- Its a two and a half hour ferry ride but well worth the visit, meant to be a magic hideaway island with lots to offer and a garden that’s home to beautiful exotic experimental plants and flowers, its been on my list for quite some time.

I could happily spend time here...

If I make it to even one of these places then I’ll be a happy girl!

7. Learn to swim

Friends know that I have been saying I want to learn to swim for years and each year say I’m going to do it. The lack of swimming ability hasn’t stopped me swimming with the dolphins or enjoying pools and beaches on holiday (I have life jackets and floats to thank for that.) However I have younger siblings growing up fast, and it would be nice if I could keep up with them and my friends in the water. The safety aspect of basic swimming skills is also important, perhaps by the time I’m twenty-three I’ll ‘take the plunge’ as it were and have finally learnt.

8. Go all culture vulture and Dora explorer

In my younger years I use to go to markets and quirky festivals, I was always at the theatre and I would frequent museums and exhibits. For some reason I don’t manage to do these things anymore, so in a year I’d like to get back to the things I use to enjoy. I would also like to go off the beaten track more, and explore my surroundings rather than just stick to where I know! Explore a little part of the world as I go along (hence the Dora reference!)

9. Shop till I drop

The British economy being what it is I can’t really afford to do this at the moment(who can?) But in a years time I’d like to think I will have put a fair bit of money aside so I can go shopping in Westfields or The Bull Ring and really treat myself to some heavy retail therapy. Its been a rough year getting here, so the idea of going out and being frivolous blowing money on items I want rather than need, really appeals to me!

10. Spend some time

The last thing on the list has to be to spend more time with my family and friends, the people who are important to me. Everyone is always really busy, including me. But when we only have a small amount of time allotted to us we have to make the most of it and be with the people we care about. I think sometimes we can all be accused of forgetting to appreciate each other, so I will risk sounding very clichéd by saying in the year between my twenty-second and twenty-third birthday I’d like to spend more time with family and friends.

Lets see how far I get in a year!


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