They don’t make them like they use to!

22 Feb

Not for the first time on this blog I have indicated my lust for a smartphone….seeing people walking down the street on their smartphones always illicits in me a longing gaze that you would also find on broody women staring longingly at babies. I have watched friend after friend get Blackberry’s, Iphones, Android phones, jealousy was my middle name. My dinky plastic little phone only capable of making phone calls and texts seemed practically stone age in comparison to what my friends were capable of on their phones. Determined to have one of my own, I spent hours agonizing over what to get, whilst friends insisted that I really wasn’t missing out on much, that these phones really weren’t all that impressive once you got use to them. I ignored them completely.

I spent a long time waiting and finally decided to get the new Iphone 4s as all the Blackberry users I spoke to seemed to think the Iphone was the better choice. Taking out a contract with Vodaphone I eagerly awaited the delivery of my new phone, it arrived two days later and after a full charge before I had even switched it on for more than five minutes I was having problems. Excitement plummeting, I struggled to connect the phone to my home network, I spent ages trying all sorts of advice, calling it a lost day I decided to try again tomorrow with a fresh mind and fresh enthusiasm to match.

The next day…still couldn’t connect to my home WIFI, muttering what I can only describe as language unsuitable for any decent person or child to hear I phoned Vodaphone to ask them for help and also to switch my old number over to the new sim (I’ve had my phone number since I was 16 I am not changing now) they couldn’t help me with the WIFI situation, which really irritated me as this was pretty much the whole point of getting a new phone in the first place, to have the internet at my finger tips, and switching over my number involved five phone calls which achieved nothing, as it turns out I now have to fill out a whole bunch of forms and send them off through the post!

I have spent the past two days more irritated than I ever was with my old phone, I have a lovely new shiny phone that I can’t use with a great internet service that I can’t access, and a new number that I don’t want.

Maybe I got carried away, perhaps simple is best, and I should have stuck with my dinky plastic model, it may not have been perfect, but I was less stressed and wasn’t pulling my hair out.

So my battle with Vodaphone and the Carphone warehouse continues! I can’t believe I was once excited about this new phone!

I guess its true what they say…they don’t make them like they use to!


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