10 songs

27 Jan

My love of making strange and pointless lists as well as another current blogging trend, have led me to make a list of the ten songs I love and why. This is just a bit of fun that has no actual purpose, but mind you we could make the same comment in regards to most of the societies entertainment pursuits. So here they are….my ten songs.

Everyone loves music!

1. The Corrs- Summer Sunshine

The most cheerful song I have ever encountered that never fails to have me bouncing and laughing down the street like some bizzare lunatic on day release. Obviously a great time to listen to it is in the summer, however if you are like me and have never followed convention (for example I often listen to Christmas songs in March) then its worth listening to in the Winter, it always reminds me that the damp greyness is on its way out and summer is on the way in!

2. The Proclaimers- I’m on my way

I listen to music a lot, particularly when I’m stressed and need a bit of escapism or some motivation. This song was played a lot throughout my time at uni when I was swamped with multiple deadlines because it kept me motivated to keep on trudging through, its steady beat, lovely Scottish accents and lyrics reminds you that you have to keep on moving on to the next thing.

3.  Sonny J- Can’t stop moving

Keeping with the theme of motivation and moving, this is the song to listen to! Whenever I listen to it, it just injects me with energy and enthusiasm for whatever I happen to be doing at the time.

4. Elvis Costello- She

Personally I think this is the most beautiful romantic love song of all time. You may have seen it in Notting Hill? Well the lyrics are beautiful and I don’t think there’s a girl alive who wouldn’t want the kind of love that Elvis sings about. It literally defines the way love should be! Well for me anyway!

5. Noisettes- Wild Young Hearts 

This song is one of my favourites that is great to just walk along the street to when your feeling a bit depressed, it always puts a spring in my step and I think has a kind of bitter-sweetness to it that reflects life.

6. Pixie Lott- Broken Arrow

An amazing song to listen to if you’ve ever had a rough break up or bad past relationship that is affecting your future, I think a lot of people could relate to at least some of the elements within this song. It’s a bit different from the music Pixie usually produces, sort of darker but that’s what I like about it. Have a listen, you’ll relate.

7. Lonestar- Amazed 

Another amazing love song that I’ll never stop listening to, just like ‘She’ it really defines love for me. I adore the whole country aspect of the song, if this song fails to move you then you have to be a robot! It’s no wonder that so many couples choose this particular song for their weddings, instant romance for 4 minutes!

8. Sarah Mclachlan- Full of Grace

I think of this song as a real undiscovered gem, that is so full of emotion, I listened to it a lot in my ‘black eyeliner emo’ phase (hasn’t everyone been through that phase at some point?) Its beautiful, full of angst, pain and hope, not one to listen to if you want cheering up but great for reflecting and communicating feelings. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it always meant a lot to me personally, growing up through my teen years

9. Evanescence- Call me when your sober, Hello (in fact all their songs)

I know I’m only meant to choose one song, but all of Evanescence’s songs are amazing! I’ve spent a lot of my years growing up singing them at the top of my voice, whilst my mum would bang on the ceiling. Amy Lee has such a powerful hypnotic voice and sings with a lot of passion. If you’ve never had a listen to Evanescence then you’ve really missed out.

10. Michael Buble – Save the last dance for me (in fact again pretty much all of his songs)

You can’t have a list of favourite songs without Michael Buble, one of the sexiest singers alive that also has a wonderful stage presence. Save the last dance is a favourite of mine, whenever I hear it I just want to get up and throw myself around the room in what I call dancing, and others have yet to find a name for.

So there they are, a pointless list of the ten songs always reoccurring on my Ipod ‘most played’ list, feeling a bit bored? (As I was when this was written?) Have a listen and see if you’ve discovered a new favourite! Or why not make a list of your own, you’ll be surprised how the music you listen to reflects the person you are. (God knows what these songs indicate about me then!)

Happy listening!


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