Things I wish I had realised in my teens

1 Jan

Recently there seems to be a new craze for bloggers everywhere, which is writing a letter to their younger selves about things they wish they could change and wish they had done ect. Despite the whole dwelling on past regrets element of the project, which somewhat puts me off slightly (as I think dwelling on past mistakes is a pointless endeavour) I actually think its has the potential to be a fairly hilarious idea (maybe that’s just specific to me, since my teen years were kind of agonizingly embarrassing in a funny way)

So since it’s the new year and everyone is reflecting on 2011 and how to make 2012 even better, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and make a list (I don’t do letters, my teen self would never have read them)of some of the concepts I wished I had grasped in my teen years.

1. Wearing a very baggy scruffy mens sized Reebok jumper over every pair of trousers because your self conscious, is not going to hide you or help with body confidence issues, in fact it’s going to draw attention and gain you some horrible nicknames when walking home from school from some very mean older boys. Dress like a girl and how you want!

2. Don’t spend hours every night practising how to make a Scoubidou key chain so you can plait plastic strips together with the other girls at lunch, so you don’t look dumbfounded as they do it effortlessly and your left with bunch of knotted plastic, you’d be much better off focusing your efforts on maths revision. It’s a total fad.

Years on from then and I still can't make one now to save my life

3. Instead of being a goody-goody all the time, rebel and get told off, enjoy the time in your life allotted for being reckless instead of worrying about being perfect and the future consequences of misbehaviour.

4. Thick black eyeliner only on the bottom lids that looks like its been drawn on with a crayon….? No…just…no…foundation to cover up the constant blushing red-faced look? That would have been better.

5. Tell the boy you are crushing on that you like him! What could be the harm he can only say no!

6. Double maths on a Tuesday with Mr Thomas is not as you dramatically put it ‘hell on earth’ in fact he isn’t trying to torture and humiliate you, but help you avoid using a calculator for the rest of your adult life.

7. Don’t shop for your summer ball dress the day before summer ball….the end result will not be a pretty one.

8. Get rid of that drastically long fringe, no one can see your eyes! You look shifty!

9. Moving house and having your mum’s boyfriend moving in will not be the end of the world.

10. Spend more time with your family and appreciate them more, your time with them is finite

11. Buy yourself a decent pair of earplugs while you have the money, as Aaron is going to develop a taste for playing drum and bass all hours of the day and night at top volume and you’ll be close to deafness by twenty-one.

12.What seems like the end of the world now, is only a passing thing, it’s never the end of the world, things carry on…there’s always going to be a tomorrow.

13. Speak out and enjoy drama classes more, your classmates are not going to be horrible and laugh at you.

14. Don’t keep worrying about what other people think about you and how to please them.

15. Do not trust Bethan Gray with your poetry note-book, she will write ‘I love Mr Norris’ all over it and she will ink ‘Edna Mole’ all over your arms if you don’t start wearing sleeves. (Sorry Beth had to put it 🙂 )

16. It really doesn’t matter who gets to be Baby Spice , Claire from Steps or Rachel from S Club 7 in the playground, soon everyone’s going to want to be Rihanna

These are just a few of the funny little things I wish I had realised when I was a teenager. No doubt that when I make it to forty I’ll be making a list of things I wish I had realised when I was twenty-one, but that’s the beauty of life it’s always easier with hindsight!


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