Behind the scenes exclusive! Debbie Isitt on Nativity!

7 Dec

Popular local director Debbie Issit returned to Coventry University to discuss her award winning film ‘Nativity’ and give the lucky Coventry Conversations audience an exclusive sneak peak preview of the behind the scenes footage appearing on the unreleased DVD and the future development of ‘Nativity’ as well as her other upcoming projects.

Isitt, renowned for her improvisational and creative approach to her work smiles as asked why her film was such a success with the viewing public “I suppose it was just one of those films that the public took to their heart, we won the Richard Attenborough award and even caught the attention of Gordon Brown, who needed some Christmas cheer! My family and myself sat at the back of the Odeon cinema in Nuneaton on Christmas eve watching the film and the audiences reactions, thinking this is fantastic, we’ve made a film and these people are here watching it on Christmas eve.”

Despite ‘Nativity’s popularity with the public and reaching number four in the Christmas film charts, film critics remain unconvinced, particularly and most memorably Jonathon Ross who in ‘Film 2009’ slated it as ‘the worst film ever made.’

“I’m use to being slated by the press and have done for years, but I felt slightly confused. I couldn’t understand why he hated it and was so disgusted by it” Debbie commented. ‘Nativity’ cost around three and a half million to make, in competition with Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ this underdog regional film went on to be a large success “our tiny low budget, cheap title film is competing with Jim Carrey and other big ones’ Debbie said proudly.

Debbie revealed the exciting amount of interest in developing ‘Nativity’ with Universal Studios interested in doing an American remake, “I’m reluctant” Debbie admitted “there’s no guarantee I can direct and I can’t separate the work I make from me, its not about the money, some people are for sale but that’s just not me.”

Sky are also interested in creating a mini series based on the film and plans for a ‘Nativity 2’ as well as the possibility of a potential stage production are in the pipelines. “We really want to make a sequel” Debbie commented eagerly “we have a really good idea for Nativity 2.”

“I’m always there with a camera” Debbie advises budding directors looking to send their own creative visions out into the world “if you want to direct there’s nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a lens, make your own movies and film everything!”

Issit is set to return to Coventry University to unveil a placard honouring her achievement and eager fans won’t have to wait long for ‘Nativity’, which is set to be released this November.


(NOTE: This interview was done and published some time ago and I am including it on here as part of my journalism portfolio)



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