How did you meet?

2 Dec

The idea of chance encounters has intrigued artists as well!

How did you meet your friends? I think it’s a valid question, we go through life practically everyday meeting someone new! You met them at work, at school, you bumped into them on the street, they spilt a drink down you…. it’s almost guaranteed that you meet someone new everyday in some strange way or another.

Over the years I’ve spoken to friends about how they met their boyfriend/girlfriend, best friends how they ended up living together with their flatmates ect and there’s almost always an interesting answer. Some of the answers make me believe in divine intervention or fate because there are so many coincidences that I sometimes wonder…what if they were meant to meet?

When you actually think about how you and the people in your life met it does seem really weird how such a simple chance meeting can change your life. For example I’ll take myself and my lovely friend Megs. I’d been at uni a week and had said hello to some people but didn’t really know anyone besides my flatmates (just like everyone I guess) I went for my first English lecture and was surrounded by people who were all just facial blurs to me, our lecturer told us to get into pairs of two with the person on our right and hey presto I met Megan! Who has been one of my closest friends for over three years! All because I choose to sit on a certain row and she happened to be sitting on my right hand side. What if she had chosen to sit somewhere else? Or we had been asked to pair up with the person on our left? We would have probably never had a chance to talk properly, and wouldn’t have become friends. It’s as simple as that! And I would have missed out on lunches at the Phoenix, nights out and in and a lot of hysterical laughter.

Although some of my friendships have come from obvious places like, secondary school and through family I have friends who I have met through chance encounters at coffee shops, clubs, bus and train journeys and in one unfortunate incident where a guy tripped me over by mistake, and we’ve been friends for three years!

So just for fun think back…how did you meet your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend? You might be surprised at just how strange the answer is, and how a simple chance encounter changed your life!


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