Breaking Dawn? Please! I was trying not to yawn!

25 Nov

Ok so the title was a bit of an exaggeration, all in all I didn’t actually find the movie that bad, but for all those fans out there raving about it and getting in line to see it for what…the fourth time? I have to ask, are you actually nuts!?

I’m probably not the right person to review this movie, but I think I can actually give some objectivity that fans who are preoccupied with Taylor Lautner’s fabulous pecks (and I have to admit girls they are pretty fabulous) just won’t be able to do.

It was my flatmate Rachel who first introduced me to the Twilight series, when I began to question her state of mental health after going to see the first movie in the saga for the third time. Deciding if you can’t beat them then join them I gave up my protesting and joined all my flatmates to go watch it. I remember leaving the cinema distinctly unimpressed, really not believing the film to live up to the hype and the awards it generated.

I can’t say that my opinion has changed much since, I don’t have anything against the whole Twilight saga, I actually enjoyed the books a fair amount, Breaking Dawn was my favourite of the entire series but I feel the film was a bit lacking, just like its predecessors.

We all know the plotline, Bella and Edward are getting married much to our films poor underdog love interest Jacob’s distress, except wedded life isn’t as blissful as our two hero’s thought it would be, with Bella ending up pregnant with a rapidly developing foetus sucking her life away, after an unusually chaste (barring two matrimonial occasions) honeymoon.

Twilight and Robert Pattinson fans will be hunting me with air rifles for this, but I found the film slow-moving, not displaying any of the tension, angst or emotion that I was expecting, and Robert Pattinson, who I think isn’t a bad actor (except for when he’s playing Edward Cullen) made me cringe a lot with his decelerations of love and ‘ohhhh Bella I don’t want to hurt you’ ect and I’m a bit of warm fuzzy romantic at heart! And I’m sorry but Bella’s death scene? Come on Robert! For someone who has just lost the love of his life, you would hope that he would do a bit more than the ‘oh dear she’s dead’ performance that was given.

However I might be acting slightly unfairly towards the film, the CGI for the wolves was pretty good and as always they filmed in stunning locations with good character make up (Bella did really look as if she was slowly dying, well done make up artists!)

I don’t think I’ll ever make a diehard fan of this franchise, it’s not because I don’t enjoy playing around with the idea of forbidden love and having two handsome guys fighting over me, in fact I think the series allows girls everywhere to live out that little fantasy vicariously through Bella’s character. But the whole thing feels rather hollow really, I always judge how good a film is or how good anything is by whether it stays with you long after you’ve watched it, heard it, read it ect. And for me personally, I found it rather forgettable.

I’m glad to have seen it once, but I won’t be queuing at the cinemas to see it again.


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