And they all lived happily ever after?

24 Nov

Myself Megs and Heath looking smart!

Its been a pretty busy week for me! I’ve been racing up and down the country with my head on fire (ginger pun intended) making my way to parties and visiting family and of course graduation! For what seems like a very long time I have actually got a social life to speak of once again!

Graduation was great! Starting with an impromptu but much-needed caffeine boost in Starbucks with Megan’s parents and boyfriend, the two of us were already in pieces watching other graduates going to earlier ceremonies walking around town, in what myself and a lot of my fellow graduates have fondly labelled ‘Hogwarts get up.’

I have to say the whole graduation costume is not the easiest outfit you’ll ever attempt to put on (and this comes from someone with experience fighting to get dresses on in box like changing rooms) so thank god there was a whole bunch of people on hand to dress me. It’s probably my most surreal experience to date, lining up and having someone dress me. It was a bit like reverting back to childhood, and funny enough just like when I was a child I spent a lot of the day desperately fighting the losing battle of trying to stay tidy looking.

Wallah! Degree

Ceremony wise I found it all kind of over whelming really, a large portion of my mind was focused on not tripping over when it was my turn to take to the floor, but as I took my degree and shook hands it really kind of hit me that I’ve made a transition, I’m not a student any longer, it’s really finished, my time at university is over. Its closure really, since finishing my exams I’ve sort of been in Limbo thinking of myself as a student and still having a sort of student mentality to the way I approach things, including my life. So now its kind of hit me that I actually have to start having a whole grown up life. In a way that’s what we were all doing at uni, growing up. It’s safe to say that for me most of my development as a person was done at university. I suppose I didn’t just get a degree in the bargain!

Everyone’s parents including my own looked proud, and I felt a kind of warm fuzzy feeling towards the rest of my journo’s who made it through (those of you that have done a news day will know just how much of an achievement that is!)

I couldn’t help thinking on the journey home…what happens to us all now? Looking on the Facebook news feed I see my friends getting on and having lives, meeting partners, getting jobs, moving out ect and I do find myself hoping for a happy ending for us all!

Happy ending to a great day 🙂

To all my classmates, its been a lot of fun! I hope we can all stay in touch (and if me and Tim have anything to do with it we will as a reunion is in the mix for next summer to take back Cov!) and I hope that after a wonderful and hilariously mental three years of hard work I can say about every single one of us ‘they all lived happily ever after’ I really think we deserve it 🙂

"Did somebody say Hogwarts?"


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