Is it just me….or is practically everyone else on the road an idiot?

16 Nov

Can't wait till I can rip up my L plate!

I have always wanted to drive. Living in the middle of nowhere where public transport is at its worse but ironically most expensive, will instil in you the longing for a car of your own, from the minute your parents start complaining about being your personal taxi service.  Its independence and it doesn’t hurt your job prospects either when it comes to having a driving license on your CV.

Twenty four hours of driving lessons has taught me one ultimate truth… that hey….driving isn’t easy. It requires awareness, multi-tasking skills, confidence and a sixth sense awareness for other drivers and their unpredictable and seemingly insane behaviour on the roads. (This is the part I am struggling with, my psychic skills are just not up to scratch)

I’m not test standard yet don’t get me wrong….but I’ve found that sometimes in lessons, that as the learner in the driving seat, observing the highway code to the letter, I am the safest person out there. In lessons I’ve driven past people on the phone in their cars failing to indicate, I’ve had people over taking on dangerous bends, I’ve seen one driver run a red light and almost smash into another car, and I’ve had an altercation with a taxi driver who not only ignored right of way, but refused to give way when he was in a position to and I wasn’t, almost resulting in a head on collision.

And these are only the drivers around me, as a learner  of course I’ve had people right up the back of the car with impatience beeping and flashing me, sending my confidence to pieces and panicking me into falling apart at the wheel. Have they never been learners!?

As my driving instructor points out every time we have a lesson “there are some right idiots on the road, you’ve just got to drive for everyone else as well”

I’m starting to see that she is right! I’ve still got a way to go in perfecting my driving to the point where I am ready to take my test but I can see that a lot of people on the road are idiots who are eventually going to kill someone.

So as a poor learner driver struggling to get my head round gear changes and three-point turns, I ask every driver out there for patience, we are slow, we are unsure of ourselves and we do make mistakes. But no drivers perfect! Everyone has to learn at some point, driving safely teaches us to drive safely. As a driver you never stop learning and if you have, then you may need to go back to school.


2 Responses to “Is it just me….or is practically everyone else on the road an idiot?”

  1. meganchapple November 16, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    This will never stop Steph. Just believe everyone else is an idiot and you’ll be fine. I have passed my test and insist on keeping to the speed limit. Now I don’t have L plates however people don’t give me any space and I go into a 30 only to find a van right up my a***. My first day driving after I passed a guy almost went into my back when I was driving past a school and when I pulled into my turning he hooted at me like crazy. I was dead on the speed limit! It wasn’t even like I was going too slow! Some people think driving fast means they’re better drivers. Even when I’m an experienced driver I’m still driving to the limit and if they go into the back of me they’re the ones who get the blame.

    • StephBristow November 16, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

      lol blimey! Mental! I thought it would get better when I took of the L plate and they couldn’t use me being a learner as a reason to be an idiot! When I eventually pass I won’t even be able to drive because can’t afford a car and insurance 😦 but I suppose that means no chance of idiots crashing into me!

      I’m going to be a speed limit observer as well, no point driving like a lunatic for the sake or a few extra mins gained! Taxi drivers are the worse they drive like they want to die! lol x x x

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