Help me please…I’m smartphone challenged

13 Nov

Please help me....I'm technology challenged!

Ok so lately due to my need of being able to access the internet and emails from obscure locations, I have become ever so slightly obsessed with the idea of purchasing a smartphone of my very own! Wherever I am everyone seems to have one, from the twelve-year-old school kids that I endured one hellish bus ride in to town with one day, to the old guy muttering to himself in Costa (yes even he had the new Iphone!)

I’ve needed one for a while now but have been putting it off due to the fact that realistically speaking I really can’t afford a smartphone. However after seeing my friend Tommy use his Iphone to solve a bit of a travel mishap, involving the two of us turning up to the wrong place for an event and  using the Iphones clever apps to help us find the right place and how to get there, I realised that I may just have to bite the bullet and get one, and to hell with how poor I’ll be.

I was still hesitating until last week I missed a job interview because my current phone wasn’t working properly, and wasn’t receiving texts or voicemails, and due to the fact that I had been away over the Saturday and hadn’t been able to check emails I had missed the opportunity. Annoyed wasn’t the word!

So that was the last straw, I’ve decided to take the plunge and get one, my contract runs out in February so that gives me till then to decide which one to get I thought I had it all figured out…I was going for the Blackberry. Its got good email and document capabilities fast browsing, good as a business phone, and it still had a keyboard! But I could see the drawbacks, no apps, and the whole blackberry network went down for days at one point.

Then a few people started instilling in me the virtues of the Iphone…good apps, excellent internet access, reliable, and with great versatility for the everyday life needs. However no keypad, doesn’t support any browsing with flash and expensive to repair if it went completely wrong.

Back to the drawing board!

With a day off on my hands I decided to seek expert advice on the subject and made the trip to a few of the local phone shops, to see what the tech people suggested. It was a lengthy conversation, I told them what I needed from my future phone and how I was totally stuck on making a decision between the Blackberry and the Iphone.

I finished even more confused than when I started, with the tech guys adding a further three phones into the mix extolling their capabilities and telling me to consider them as well. What started as a choice between two smartphones has now become a choice between five! I’ve done a lot of research on the subject (that’s how sad I am) and I’m still completely stumped on what choice to make! If I’m going to spend hundreds on a phone contract that I will be tied into for the forseeable future, I want it to be the right one!

I’ve read glowing reports about both Blackberry and Iphone and I’ve read the horror stories as well, so now I’m turning the floor over to you guys and hoping that you can help me make the decision. Blackberry, Iphone, Samsung or other smartphone? Which one should I go for? Help!


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