Tribute to a great

8 Nov

Well I was flicking around on Itunes the other day looking for some new music to put on the Ipod, as I have been listening to the same songs for the past months, when you know all the words to the songs without even having to think about it, you know its time to expand your horizons.

Resisting the temptation to go straight for the Christmas songs (I love them…if the weather is cold and its slightly dark, I’m pretty much part way there to believing its late December) I decided to try something new. (Or to most of you…old)

Amy Winehouse popped up on the recommended list, of course I know her more popular songs and like them well enough, Back to Black, Rehab ect I can’t say I’m a diehard fan and that her death (as terribly tragic as it was) actually meant anything to me other than watching fans get weepy on the news.

I was flicking through her songs and then came across one that completely revised my opinion of her music as being ‘nice but nothing to listen to over and over again.’

Its called: Love is a losing game

It’s so wonderful, I have to post the YouTube music video.  

When you listen to it, it really makes your heart-break, you can tell that she means everything she is singing. And this song really showcases her smokey, velvet voice. I have to say that her death is a real loss to the music industry, she was a very individual and creative artist which I never fully appreciated. To quote so many fans and people before me, it is a tragic waste of talent.

I guess I’ve kind of jumped on the Amy Winehouse bandwagon a bit late, when everyone else was making their tributes I was…god knows…bopping along to festive Christmas tunes no doubt…but this blog post is a bit of a tribute to a great, and me sharing my personal favourite of all her music.


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