The Perfect Fit

21 Oct

Since I was old enough to actually be conscious of fashion I have been searching for that most illusive of all clothing items which only a few lucky girls I know have found, the perfect pair of jeans. Every now and then I work up the will power to go out on a ‘jeans hunt’ where my sole purpose is to find jeans that flatter, fit are the right length and make me happy. The result is always the same, I find myself lost amongst a sea of denim hunched in the changing rooms praying for Gok Wan to burst in and end my misery.

To be honest, with all the different jeans choices out there its no wonder I have the impulse to run and hide, different cuts, colours, lengths, fits! Who thought it would be so difficult and complicated! Ten years in the search and I still haven’t got it right yet, my wardrobe is full with what I call ‘disastrous jean mistakes’ jeans that I bought out of desperation, pretending they were the ones and then never wearing them again.

The search continues....

I don’t like to estimate but I must have spent a good few hundred through the years on jeans that weren’t right.

At first I thought it was me, being fussy, friends who have been clothes shopping with me (Kelly, Rachel, Kayla, you poor souls) will certainly attest to the fact that I do take ages to find clothing I like and often they have cried at me “for gods sake your far too picky!” and maybe I am in some cases. But it really isn’t just me out there who is still on the hunt for perfect clothing and in particular, jeans.

After working part time in Next when covering the changing rooms I have often encountered women walking in carrying eight pairs of jeans and a hopeful look on their face, and leaving with the expression I know all to well, defeat. From time to time I’ve asked asked them ” so is there anything particular your looking for that I can help you with today?”  and three out of five women have answered with that haunted expression… “jeans”

Me and quite a few other women after years of searching are still out there looking for the perfect match.

And this brings me to my theory that clothes shopping has a lot in common with dating.

In dating you don’t go out with someone that is wrong for you (in theory) and it can take years and seem impossible to find Prince Charming, in clothes shopping the rules don’t change much, you don’t buy something not right for you out of desperation (again in theory) and it can seem forever and an impossible task to find the perfect outfit. The search for love and the search for the right outfit have the common denominator of it taking time and patience to find the perfect fit.

So to the girls out there…do you find your wardrobe a reflection of your love life like me? Are you clued up enough to have a wardrobe full of smart choices that matches your love life? Or like me do you have a few “disastrous mistakes” in your wardrobe of life and not all of them jeans?

*My hunt for jeans continue! God knows all jeans suggestions are welcome!*


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