Holiday Search Hell

6 Oct

I have to say that I never thought this would be a post I would ever write, I would consider myself a person with the ability to muster up enthusiasm for anything I come across ranging from the mundane trip to the dentist to a wonderful fabulous day out, I’d like to think that I can have enthusiasm for both, that I am able to have at least some appreciation for life’s events.

So like most of the things in my life when I began my holiday search I approached it with enthusiasm and the same squeal of excitement that I do with most things, but after a long time searching and a budget that doesn’t allow for much wiggle room I am now losing the will to continue what seems like a fruitless search. When did the world become so expensive? I really thought the tourist trade was suffering and that holiday prices would be down to attract more travellers, but with a budget of £400 I am struggling to afford a holiday in Europe let alone anywhere further a field.

Personally I don’t think my demands are that insane or unreasonable, a package holiday with at least a three star all inclusive hotel, clean and safe with close proximity to local amenities. Hardly reaching for the stars and yet when any promising place appears I go on Trip Advisor (a travellers best friend) and I read horror stories of illness, dirty pools, rude staff and unclean rooms. And its back to the holiday drawing board!  Where have all the good holidays gone?

Last year I went on holiday with my friends to Greece and it was wonderful, clean hotel, good food and it was a good time! And that came to £400! And I really felt like that was money well spent, but since then things in the holiday market seemed to have changed. So with enthusiasm waning I’m starting to wonder if this year me and my group of friends will ever manage to escape to the sun! I think its a very sad day when £400 can’t get you a half way decent holiday somewhere nice!

My sanity greatly depends on me leaving England, so I guess this is really just a bit of a moan or a plea for those of you who may have better holiday searching skills than my own, please let me in on your secret, where are you finding these great holidays? And where can I find my own?


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