Why I will go insane if I don’t get a smartphone

23 Sep

I’ve never been one to jump on the bandwagon for the latest product trend, generally my rule is that if I don’t really want it or don’t have any actual use for it, then I won’t just go out and throw money away buying something just because everyone else has it.

When the smartphone craze started I was quite happy with my little dinky phone and wasn’t really bothered that smartphones were completely out of my price range, the fact that my phone was only capable of texting and making calls was fine with me, I had a computer for going on the internet and a camera for pictures, so I didn’t really feel that I needed one. In fact I was kind of proud of the fact that I seemed like the only person who wasn’t obsessed by the idea of having one.

However since then things have changed!

Now I’m declaring it…I don’t now just want one…I desperately need one!

I’m a little bit ashamed to say that just like everyone else I can no longer function on a normal level without the ability to access the internet at any time, and send emails from wherever I happen to be, but I really can’t. I just realised it today…

I’ve recently taken on the position of volunteer press officer for a charity, and because I work from home as well as the office our main point of contact is email. Today wasn’t one of the days I was scheduled to work for the charity and I had a day off from Next so I felt it was ok to go out and view houses. Whilst I was out for a few hours with the estate agents, people had been leaving messages in my inbox…turns out two local papers had got back to me and were willing to give coverage to the charity, if I could just whip off a quick press release to them in the next hour. By the time I had got back and read the emails,I had already missed the boat!

Irritated wasn’t the word, I had copies of press releases saved in my email account, I could have sent them off in minutes had I known the papers had contacted me, had I known that I had emails from the newspapers, had I had a phone that was capable of going on the internet and accessing emails!

Really I was beside myself with the chance I had missed, I’ve realised that someone who wants to enter into the career I do, should be able to access emails from wherever they are, should be contactable from wherever they are.

Its a bit worrying in a way now that as a society smartphones are now an essential part of everyday life, I’ve seen ten year old kids with Blackberrys and Iphones (that really pisses me off, what do they need one for? Who are they emailing? The Disney channel? I need one more!)

So I guess this is more of a rant because if I see another person with a smartphone that doesn’t even need one I’ll go insane! I’ve worked out that the smartphone contract I need will cost me £300 a year, which is why I’m starting a smartphone saving fund, it could take me a long long time before I even have enough money to embark on a year contract with a smartphone (Next don’t pay me that well! lol) ….so until then…I guess a girl can dream!

I will most likely end up selling my soul for one of these!


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