Apollo 18 (Aka the reason I now fear innocent looking rocks)

15 Sep

The combined issues of me being bored, direction-less and working part time, along with poor Kelly working the night shift at the hospital Wednesday night led to both of us coming together Tuesday evening for what must be the fourth time we have been to the cinema this month. Not that I’m complaining the cinema has always been one of my favourite past times and Tuesdays I get half price cinema tickets! Yay!

Kelly’s need to stay awake through the next day and my strange love of things that terrify me meant Apollo 18 was the obvious choice, I love those mockumenatary horror films, the best of all time being ‘The Blair Witch Project’ which still has me avoiding forests, camping and suspicious looking elderly women. The worse being Cloverfield, it didn’t terrify me but did make me question whether I would have the guts to face a city full of monsters to save someone I was in love with. (I guess thats something right?)

I have to say before the film even started the scene was already set for me to be terrified witless, as the only two people in the entire cinema, the lights go down ready for the trailers to begin, I start to get ready to cover my eyes for impending horror and then four boys burst in….suffice to say Kelly spent the next ten minutes through the trailers practically peeling me off the ceiling, whilst I tried to get my heart rate back to human level.

After that I spent the next half an hour rather disappointed, I have to warn you that Apollo 18 is a real slow starter, in fact one of the only things Kelly found of interest to comment on in the first forty minutes was “hmmm that guy is pretty hot.”  But keep with it because it does get more interesting and is worth hanging through the beginning for.

So basically Apollo 18  is based on the idea that the 1974 cancelled Apollo 18 mission actually went ahead and was never publicized, due to the unfortunate fact that it never returned. We follow two astronauts Ben and John who after landing on the moon find strange footprints, a dead Russian astronaut, eerie sounds and impossible rock movements and more importantly no explanation.As a mocumentary horror I think it works, despite the first half an hour being hard work afterwards I was completely hooked, even Kelly was gripped each time Ben and John made a new discovery about the mysterious happenings on the moon and why the moon rock samples kept relocating themselves…..(you will develop a healthy suspicion of all rocks as I have) I have to say the ‘footage’ was quite good and very authentic matching exactly what you would expect of a space mission taking place in the 1970’s, whether you end up a fan of the film or not after seeing it, the production team clearly paid attention to detail and you have to appreciate that!

I always judge how good a horror flick is by its ability to make me scared and twitchy but keep me interested enough to sit through to the end and this one passed the test. Anyone who has actually sat through a horror movie with me before (and it can only be a select few due to my unfortunate tendency of when I jump to hit out and punch the nearest person to me, in some weird sense of self defence) will know whether a horror movie has had the desired effect on me, and Kelly can attest to the fact that this one certainly did. (Hopefully I didn’t bruise her to much)

So if you want to be frightened and you are a fan of conspiracy theories then you’ll really enjoy Apollo 18, I have seen better horrors I won’t deny it, Apollo 18 is certainly one of those films that ‘does what it says on the tin.’


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  1. Judith Deng December 24, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    Only a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding design. “Individuals may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation.” by Benjamin Disraeli.

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