Rise of the Planet of the Apes review

6 Sep

With my employment status being part time these days I find myself with a lot of free time on my hands so I have become a regular at the Showcase cinemas, so much so that some of the staff are starting to recognise me….its an expensive hobby I’ve chosen to fill my free time with but there have been quite a few good films released this summer so I don’t mind emptying my bank account to go see them.

I went to see this film primarily for my mum, who still remembers and enjoys the Charlton Heston version of Planet of the Apes and wanted to see what they’d done with the story now, personally I’m not a diehard fan but I was more than willing to indulge her as I was pointedly reminded of how many cartoon movies I inflicted upon her…some of the worse culprits being ‘The adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle’ and ‘Pokemon the movie.’

Rise of the planet of the apes is the prequel to all the previous planet of the apes films, it depicts the journey of how the apes start as the loveable yet mistreated animals we know today, to the super intelligent, human independent and dominant species of the earth that we have seen in the earlier films.

James Franco stars as the scientist close to creating the perfect cure for Alzheimers disease, which his own father suffers from. Testing on apes he finds one of his ape test subjects holds the key to the cure, but an accident leaves the ape test subject dead along with his dreams of corporate investment in his miracle cure. What he is left with is the surprise that his test ape gave birth and this new bouncing baby ape has inherited his mothers intelligence, the miracle cure and more.

Naming him Caesar, Franco takes him home and integrates him into the family, still working on his cure in secret and struggling to keep Caesar safe in a society that places little value and sentiment on animals.

Despite my reluctance to see Rise of the planet of the apes, I found myself pleasantly surprised. The journey of how apes became intelligent enough to unite, fight back and gain independence from humans actually seemed quite plausible, obviously a lot of hard work and research went into the plotline and this attention to detail is always appreciated.  It can be a bit slow moving at times, and there were points in the film when I was fidgeting slightly, but James Franco pulls your attention back and the starting action and finishing drama make up for a bit of a slow middle. I found that this film does something for diehard fans that was probably missed by me, it addresses all the unanswered questions left by its predecessors. The animation and CGI (which I have to say I can’t claim much knowledge on) is on par with Avatar and is very impressive, to the point where even my mum was questioning me ” are those real?” and was very impressed to discover that, no they weren’t and that this new movie is way beyond the monkey suits and make up from her Charlton Heston film days.

So for fans of the series I recommend you go see it (if you haven’t already!) because it will definitely capture your interest and for those who are just curious or happy to go along with more fervent aficionados, relax enjoy and open your mind to the new possibilities this film has to show you. Where humans are no longer the dominant race…and our ancestor apes enjoy our role on Earth.



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