Inbetweeners: Movie of the summer?

6 Sep

When friends of mine first mentioned going to see the Inbetweeners I was slightly reluctant, I liked the tv series and thought it was funny enough but I’ve often considered the shows sense of humour a bit to crude for my taste and that it was most likely better suited to someone like my brother, who is a massive fan of slapstick and sexual comedies.

However my lack of purpose, combined with the fact that every other person who has been to see it has raved about it,

Apparently I'm a Neil! Although I would say I'm a bit of a Simon....? Which one are you?

encouraged me to get back into the spirit of things and into the spirit of the tv show and go see it.

Well the first time I attempted to see it was a bit of a disaster, not realising how popular it was, me and some friends went in the evening and found people queuing in a line stretching outside the cinema crammed with eager teenagers, not even bothering to face the line we went to the next local cinema and found exactly the same thing! A bit disheartened we gave up the ghost and regrouped the following Wednesday afternoon to reattempt again (even more determined to see it) and I have to say it was worth it 🙂

Jay, Will, Simon and Neil have finished school and after a wave of misfortunes involving Simon being dumped, Wills father marrying a girl twenty years his junior and Jay’s granddad passing away the boys get depressed and cheer themselves up by having Neil book them a flight to Malia, Crete. From the accommodation to the guys chances of actually finding girls, everything is a complete disaster leading to chaos, hilarity and surprisingly a little bit of self realisation about their own personal futures.

From the start of the film I was wincing at the language use, reminding me a lot of being next to a bunch of chavvy boys at a bus stop, but I got over it pretty quickly and I have to say I found myself genuinely in stitches at the antics of four guys on a mental lads holiday to Malia, where the only thing that’s gone right is that they actually got on the right flight! For those of you like me who can find really crude comedy putting you off a bit I would say go see it anyway and loosen up a lot, open yourselves up to the in your face humour and you won’t be disappointed. The film also really involves the audience as well and draws you in, without even realising it you’ll find yourself rooting for the boys and groaning at their dense obliviousness, (particularly at Simon, girls who have seen the movie will know what I mean, don’t we all know someone exactly like that!)

Personally for me I think the Inbetweeners was ‘the movie of the summer’ it made me laugh more than any movie I’ve seen in a long time, and it hasn’t lost any of the magic held by the Inbetweeners TV series, it also has that special ability to allow us to see a tiny bit of ourselves in each of the characters.

We discussed it and my friends think I’m a Neil…..I really really don’t know how to take that….. 🙂


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