101 places to go before you die……..2 down another 99 to go!

22 Aug

In third year I was looking for a few posters with my flatmate Rachel to decorate our new (and very magnolia) flat. We picked up the obvious ones, cute animals, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean..who doesn’t want handsome men or fluffy animals adorning their wall? Then I saw one that really caught my eye ‘101 places to visit before you die’ I looked it up and down and thought it would be something really nice to look at every day, exotic and faraway destinations to take me away from the stress and occasional boredom of uni.

Rachel pointed out that a poster indicating my eventual death is anything but cheerful and inspiring and said if I wanted that one it could go in my room. So university went on and I tucked the poster away, my desire to decorate ever disappearing as spontaneously as it appears and I completely forgot about it, it was only till I was unpacking today (a desire that also appears and disappears pretty quickly) that I found it again.

I was pretty excited, thinking that I must have at least done a quarter of the list, I consider myself pretty well travelled, I’ve been to Cuba and Mexico, done a lot of Europe and explored Greece and Cyprus, I didn’t think I could be that far off ticking a few on my precious poster. I was pretty disappointed to find that I had only been to two of the destinations! Ok so one of the destinations is the moon, pretty out of my reach but still…how could I have seen so little of the world? In terms of the poster I am way behind! 21 years old and only two locations covered.

Some of my friends and my family have been travelling and done trips all around the world, and said it was the most fantastic thing they’ve ever done! Although I like the idea of seeing new places, the idea of travelling hostel to hostel by myself always put paid to any ambitions of going off for a year and making my way around the globe. (I just don’t do hostels! I can’t help it!) But now I can see why people put up with the crappy hostels and occasional risks, the opportunity of seeing the world is just to great to miss! Sometimes when were stuck inside our routines and the pressures of our responsibilities, as well as other peoples expectations of us, it keeps us from going outside ourselves and outside our comfort zone, stopping us from exploring the possibility of other ways of living.

So this isn’t really a blog post, I guess its more of a promise to myself that will be so highly publicised that I can’t wiggle my way out of it. I will work my way through my poster, I will try and make my way to every destination (minus the moon of course) I guess I’ll be doing it my own way though, one destination at a time, and using a nice hotel as a camp base. 🙂

I think the first on my list will be the USA! (Hopefully fingers crossed) New York is calling me!  Its the first on the poster and I’ve always wanted to go and I even have some people that will hopefully want to come with me! Maybe next year after some time working and earning some money, I’ll make a start even if I have to go to every single place by myself. (My love life being the way it is this is a strong possibility) 🙂

So… 101 destinations…..99 to go…and only my lifetime to tick every box.

Lets get cracking! Theres a lot of world to see!


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