First Year Radio Bloopers

10 Aug

 I was having a bit of a clear out of my computer today, getting rid of old music and bits of coursework that I don’t need on here anymore so it can run at a rate faster than a snail running a marathon, and I found some of the old recordings me, Amy and Megan did for first year, when we were recording a radio package about migrant rights.

I thought they were so funny and made me all nostalgic for first year when everything was new and we were all cute and nervous, and still using the dreaded marantz! So I thought I’d make them into a bit of a blooper reel 🙂 (Its very roughly done, I did it in like five minutes but I thought it was funny)

Love and no offence intended to Amy and Megan who were actually doing me a massive favour at the time agreeing to be my voice overs for the package 🙂 x x

(Oh and excuse my crazily loud laugh!) he he (oh and excuse that bloody mistake on the word ‘voiceover’ my fingers slipped on the keyboard as I was saving!  What a pain in the ass! ) x


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