“Showing the police we can do what we want”

9 Aug

Ok so everyone is talking about the riots, so I figured I would have a little blogging session about it since one of the areas that got hit last night was Ealing, where I grew up and that’s close to where a lot of my family still are, and now that the riots are moving on to Manchester it seems and continuing on.

Last night I was watching the coverage of the riots in London via  the BBC and heard a journalist interview a bunch of ill spoken and who I can only describe as girls with an IQ lower than a coffee table, one of their statements went something like “its like the governments fault or whatever, Conservatives or whoever it is that’s in charge, its the rich peoples fault the ones that own businesses… that’s why its happening, its good innit showing the rich people and police we can do what we want.”

Perhaps I haven’t caught the statement from the BBC word for word but that was the general comment in the short interview these girls gave. Whilst wincing at the use of the word ‘innit’ and their attributing the blame for the current situation on a number of sources, half of them which they didn’t seem capable of naming or understanding. I realised that these girls and scores of other people like them genuinely feel that this violence on local business and homes was justified, taking an almost righteous and proud stance of their actions.

I have to admit I couldn’t help but feel a little disgust at watching Ealing, the place where I spent over eight years of my childhood completely trashed for no real reason except the fact that a bunch of yobs felt the need to create some havoc.

In a way I can understand why the original violence broke out , things are awful for a lot of people at the moment, and the authorities that we look to don’t always seem to be hearing our voices which is why desperate people resort to more desperate measures to gain attention for their cause. (I mean look at the student protests and how out of hand they got) However what started out as a protest against unnecessary police force against a young man shot in Tottenham, has become an excuse for bored youths with too much time on their hands and to little restraint to go round acting the part of vigilantes.

So I agree that is disgusting that a bunch of youths all over the country feel that they have the right to “show the police” that they can “do what they want” but what I find really exasperating is the fact that if their homes and possessions were being stolen or destroyed they’d be the first to go to the police and demand action.

I even feel a bit sorry for the rioters, most of them youths who don’t have any concept of the fact that when the fires go out their destruction will have large consequences for them, as well as the business owners and homeowners who lost everything over the past three days.

You’ve shown the police what you can do alright, I just don’t want to think what they and the army may show you in return.

Riots for three days running, hopefully they'll end soon....


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