Tweetminster- My new addiction

8 Aug

Tweetminster- Certainly worth taking a look at

Whilst trying to access my less frequently used Twitter account (yes I’m an advocate for Facebook, Twitter is more an outlet allowing my stalking of celebrities and public figures) the inaccurate bashing of my fingers on the keyboard as I tried to balance my laptop on one leg, led me to my new current addiction Tweetminster. Thinking it to be an expansion of Twitter I clicked away and found something quite different but entirely more useful and interesting.

Tweetminster isn’t new on the block and has been around since 2008, but my interest in social trends only recently blossoming a year ago I was so excited you’d think I was the first person to discover it.

Basically Tweetminster (not affiliated with Twitter in case you were wondering)  moniters influencers, experts and legitimate sources on any market, issue or topic that you could hope to think of, and then provides what these politicians, activists, academics, civil servants, business analysts and journalists feel is important news for the day. The website organises all this content into handy accessible  topic  sections, and at your finger tips you have access to all the information you could ever need on topics ranging from the economy to the environment. It also provides you with the top stories all over the world and stories shared by the media, government departments and even MP’s.

In a way its like having your own website which only presents you with what your interested in knowing, having the news tailored to your interests, I find myself checking it two, three times a day much like I did when I first got Facebook. Its fast becoming a compulsion to check it, I can only thank that on this occasion my phone doesn’t have the internet because I could see myself running up a large bill!

Most of you out there probably know about it, have been on it, been obsessed with it, and then gotten over it as we do with so many other internet fads (anyone remember Farmville? Facebookers will know what I’m talking about) But for those of you like me who have only just found an interest in social trends or have just been a bit behind, I encourage you to check it out, you never know what you might learn and whether it will spark the same obsession it has with me…within you.


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