Torchwood Miracle day

4 Aug

I’m not going to deny that a large part of the reason I found myself watching Torchwood’s ‘Children of Earth’ last year, was the fact that the gorgeous and tragically (for us girls) unavailable John Barrowman was the star of the show and on my TV screen for at least an hour every evening. But what started out as me viewing to indulge my simple celebrity crush soon grew into something more, I wasn’t just tuning back in every evening to watch the dashing Captain Jack in uniform, the plot line completely caught my attention. It showed me the darker side of humanity, what we all could be capable of in order to survive, and what the authorities would have the potential to do, if they were faced with the impossible choice.

Now the likelihood of aliens beaming down and coming to harvest a large portion of Earth’s children is incredibly remote, but I still found it interesting, the way the series reflected the worst human kind was capable of.

So when Torchwood ‘Miracle Day’ burst back onto our screens I was the one of the many millions of excited viewers sitting down eagerly to see what Russell T Davies and Co had come up with, and I can’t say they left me disappointed.

On a day like any other an unthinkable miracle happens, and suddenly the people of Earth aren’t dying any more, ironically the only person now left vulnerable now was the once immortal hero Jack. Of course this situation the human race now finds themselves in opens up brand new morale, ethical; and practical dilemmas for the human race to tackle. How will we cope with dwindling resources and more demand? Does murder exist any more? How do we keep order when a life sentence is now forever? And how do we treat those continuously suffering? Are only some of the questions the characters now find themselves asking.

I have to say once again I have been hooked, because although it is unlikely that a medical corporation will be the creators of a miracle allowing us all to live endlessly, the show does raise issues that we as a society are struggling with today, dwindling resources, pain management and health care and of course economy, crime and equality. It acts as a catalyst through which we the audience are allowed to explore these issues that are very much present in our own lives (of course presented in an impossible situation to act as a vice-grip for our attention)

Criticism for Torchwood’s new season has been wide and vocal, I agree that its far from perfect, some of the script and acting makes me cringe, and the one liners are corny to the point where even I raise a sceptical eyebrow, but I think that people are forgetting what the show is really about. Presenting real life problems and issues we can all recognise in ourselves and recreating them into something dramatic, different and fresh, providing a new perspective and taking us to places we never thought we’d go with these issues.

So we may be only episode 4 into the Miracle Day series but I can promise you I will be watching the rest! And I feel that everyone should give it a chance as well, you don’t need to be into SCI- Fi to enjoy it! (God knows I’m not) you just need an imagination, and lets face it the fact that John Barrowman is on our screens for a large portion of the time whilst watching it…is an added bonus.

Gwen, Rex and the lovely Captain Jack


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