Its me or the dog?

1 Aug

Today I saw something that made me go all warm and fuzzy inside, for those of you who know me well you’ll know that this is not exactly a challenge (warm and fuzzy being my natural state) but what I saw just summed up real selflessness. (In my humble opinion)

I was in town, doing the usual chores and I walked past a homeless woman with a raggedy yet very cute and sweet natured dog. She was sitting unassumingly and with an air of pride cuddling her little friend, I carried on walking but felt that little tugging at my conscience, so I popped into the shops and bought some dog chews and a few bits and went and came back that way hoping she hadn’t moved on.

I found a polite,  charming and intelligent woman who through no fault of her own had ended up on the street. We started chatting about our mutual love of dogs and from there found we had quite a few mutual interests. I cautiously asked her if she had approached any of the women’s shelters in the area, and then she spoke the words that made me go all gushy.

“They did offer me a place…but they don’t take  dogs, I would have to get rid of him. I’m never doing that, I’d rather be out here than without him,we stay together.”

She would rather be out there sleeping rough and hungry when the only option is to leave her dog to fend for himself. That is devotion, loyalty and uncompromising friendship, I know some of you out there, probably not as sentimental as me, would say she made the wrong choice and that her dog is costing her a better standard of life. However I just can’t help but admire how far her love goes for her canine companion.

I have two dogs that I am completely crazy about, and I have to wonder that if faced with the same choice…what would I do? (Lets hope I never have to find out!)

So to all my friends out there who adore their pets the way I do mine…I’m curious and have to ask the question, how much do your pets mean to you, how much do you love your pets, is it you…or your pets?

Me and my Koda


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