Love Never Dies Review

9 Jun

The Phantom and Christine together again....

As soon as the curtains lift within minutes myself and every member of the audience is completely captivated by the stage as mist, lights, acrobatics, dazzling costumes and music take us away to Coney Island New York. The new playground and domain of the Phantom, as a regular theatre goer I find myself becoming harder to impress, but the extravaganza of a spectacle that is Love Never Dies utilises top technology and techniques to take the audience out of their seats and into the play, in a way this play feels like a personal experience, like my very own trip to Coney Island where the Phantom waits for me.

The holes in some of the plotline left even some of the most diehard Phantom fans slightly sceptical and critics (myself included) unconvinced that it would ever match the glory of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s previous production ‘Phantom of the Opera’ a personal favourite of mine. However considering this production on its own merits, Love Never Dies truly is worth seeing.

Ten years on from when we last saw the Phantom, Christine and Raoul much has changed, now married with a son Gustave, Christine and Raoul are far from wedded bliss with debt, gambling and drink problems shadowing their lives. The Phantom after escaping from the Paris opera house with Madame Giry and her daughter Meg, now runs a popular show on Coney Island but remains unhappy, pining for Christine to return to him, and ‘sing for him once more.’ The Phantom, under the guise of the mysterious Mr Y invites Christine to perform at Coney Island, where he intends to make her his once more. Of course as usual, things are not as they seem and without ruining anything for potential viewers it’s safe to say Mr Lloyd Webber has a few surprises in store for you!

No viewer could fail to be enchanted by the sheer beauty of this production, Phantom fan or not, sumptuous duets and solos from the talented Ramin Karimloo (Phantom) and Sierra Boggess (Christine) will have hearts wrenching and lifting all at once, along with amazing musical numbers from the cast, and some spell binding scores from the orchestra. All comes together to enthral the audience and have them under its spell, one of the most impressive points of the production is how the magic of it all stays with you and not just a few of the audience members as well as me, left humming bars of the songs, and rushing to the theatre shop to buy the CD and take a small part of it home with us.

Love never dies brings romance, intrigue and the world and mind of the Phantom to life for the public to enjoy, and given the chance it may become as treasured by theatre veterans and virgins alike, as its prequel has been.


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  1. StephBristow December 6, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    Thank you 🙂 and thank you for reading, I am glad to have reached people 🙂 x

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