I’m a graduate…get me out of here!!

9 Jun

The next generation eager to get into work

As a now 21 year old graduate awaiting the arrival of my university results, living out of a suitcase and between half a dozen houses facing the worst employment market since forever, it would be fair to say that my life is ever so slightly full of uncertainty. It’s a comfort to me that many of my fellow graduates are in the same position but not so much of a thrill that the very people I laughed, learnt and spent hours upon hours stressing out over deadlines with are now my competition.

I thought that the hardest part of my life to date was the third year of my degree, late nights, stress, tears and a touch of hysteria were all something me and my friends experienced, but nothing prepared me for what it would be like when I left the security of university, and went out into the world to make good use of my degree.

Sending out CV after CV to employers outlining why I would be an asset and not receiving any replies back is very disheartening, but not quite depressing as making it through to the interview rounds but then falling at the last hurdle…which seems to be happening to me a lot lately, as I chase an opening into the employment arena. You start to wonder what’s wrong with me? What could I have improved on? What did that person who got the position have or do…that I didn’t?

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair, when a wide eyed graduate who worked hard, full of ideas and dreams meets brick wall after brick wall, we all have so much to offer but in the current climate we just have no one to give it to. But were a hardy bunch and have been prepared for this by every lecturer and guest speaker we’ve ever encountered in our three years, and our setbacks are just that, only setbacks.

I’ve been off university for almost two weeks now and my results come out in mid-July, so far I’ve been fairly productive I’ve done a bit of spring cleaning and sent eight bags down to the charity shop, I’ve done chores for my nan and granddad and acted as tutor introducing them to the 21st century and to the world wide web, and I’ve made lots of arrangements and activities to make sure I don’t get complacent in the next few months, and keep myself busy.

It could be a while before I get a job….before my friends get jobs and before we all end up in the places we want to be, but ever the optimist I say to every graduate out there who feels just the same way I do, don’t give up! We know the score, things aren’t easy for us. So I’m announcing it officially, I’m a graduate, get me out of here! (And into a job if possible ) 🙂


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