All About Steph

27 Mar

The current life status

I’m a 21 year old pushing 22 year old ex student,  just finished off my last year at Coventry University studying Journalism and English, hoping to make my way in the big bad world by working as a feature writer. During my time at university I have learnt a lot in and out of the classroom, its truly a life experience as well as an academic one.

I’ve learnt a lot about people and the great and terrible things they are capable of, as a journalist writing for and about people I often find myself looking at what goes on in the heads of people causing them to act and react the way they do, people, everyday ordinary people never fail to amaze me with their selflessness or selfishness.

The working life

I’ve spent time writing for student publications, I was very proud to win the Ernest Petrie award for excellence in Journalism and to be nominated student journalist of the year, I’ve spent time working for IPC Media on their Woman&Home publication and I also spent time working on some popular animal publications like Your Dog, Your Cat and Horse and Pony magazine. Working with the professionals of the industry I aspire to enter into, gave me even more admiration for the profession of the journalist and I couldn’t help but be caught up in their enthusiasm and passion for what they do.

The ‘little bit of me’ part

I think the main thing I have learnt so far in life is that you should try and help someone who needs it if you can, if you do a good deed they are also more likely to help someone and that good deed passes from person to person spreading a little bit of happiness and good spirit across our world. With that theory in mind we can combat some of the awfulness that exists today.

As you can probably tell from reading this, I have an opinion about everything and am not afraid to say it, but I like to keep an open mind to new ideas and opinions and am not to proud to admit that I’m wrong. I’m an Aries and a redhead two things which define me big time, and if I could tell you only two things to sum me up that’s what I would say.

Favourite quotes part

Had to add this is because it is a favourite of mine to walk where angels fear to tread’


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