Birthday Surprise

26 Mar

On Friday I finished my last official uni lecture, was a bit of an anti climax due to a whole three people turning up but it was nice to get a sense of closure and finish by handing that damned deadline in on the same day and say goodbye to the lecturers for the last time in lectures. Despite finishing lectures and handing in my last piece of coursework, I still have a long way to go work wise, so I’m not quite at that point yet where I get all sad and weepy and remember those good old days of first year.

Anyway this isn’t about being weepy this is about being happy. I came back from lectures and found the flat decorated filled, with banners and balloons to celebrate my 21st birthday, lovely surprise as my birthday isn’t for another two weeks, but I was so pleasantly surprised, I wasn’t planning to celebrate much due to work constraints and the fact that my birthday is in the holidays when everyone goes home for Easter. (Its always falls at an inconvenient time of the year!)

After opening some wonderful presents and feeling all warm and fuzzy towards my flatmate and friend Rachel and Kayla for bringing some early sparkle to my birthday they whisked me away to Cosmos for a dinner where all my friends were waiting for me 🙂

Good food, good friends and just a great laugh having everyone together, perhaps not the most eloquent way of putting it. But I was so grateful to have people around me who cared enough to get together and organise a fun night out for me, so would just like to say a big thank you to all the girls. Its the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me and the most thoughtful, its made me positively enthusiastic about becoming 21!

Looming mid-life crisis? Over! If I have great friends like you guys then I’m partway there to getting something right in my life! he he

So a big thank you to Rachel Busby, Kayla Yates, Megan Chapple, Heather Campbell, Andrea Howard and Katrina Stevenson

for getting together for my birthday, for a wonderful and entirely unexpected surprise and for the fabulous presents 🙂

Love to all! x x x x


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