Starting Point

20 Mar

Ok so this is my first blog, as a 20 year old I should probably of had one by now and been blogging for a large portion of my life along with the rest of the civilised world, but I suppose better late than never! This is a big step for me, after joining Facebook when I was 17 and Twitter at 19, its figures that I should make a technological breakthrough now so close to being 21. Be kind to me, after all blogging is an art and I’m a novice!

A bit about myself ….(because what else is the internet for if not revealing info about ourselves!)

I’m a 20, pushing 21 year old almost graduated third year from Coventry University, where I have been studying Journalism and English. Pretty close to finishing up now and entering the big bad scary world where I shall have to find employment! I’d love to be a feature writer for a magazine and have a done a few work placements for various magazines, that would be lovely! I’m an Aries (of course) and the traditional strong willed redhead, avid animal lover and consumer of all things literary. Summing up my life in a few sentences I sound sort of small, but thats how we all start out. Small

Enough with the life stuff, hopefully I’m going to be able to figure out to upload some of the various articles and projects I’ve done, so be on the look out!


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